Build-a-Hand Teambuilding Kit (Ten Pack)


Product Description

The Helping Hands Project – Build-a-Hand Teambuilding Kit (Ten Pack)

After four years of delivering this program all over the world with rave reviews, we decided to turn it into an easy-to-use DIY kit. Just add facilitation and you have the keys to one of the most profound Give Back Activities available.

Each Kit Contains:

  • Step-by-Step Facilitation and Assembly Instructions
  • 10 Program-Ready Hands
  • Program Videos and Powerpoint

    Group Size: Your choice. We recommend one hand for every three participants. The program has been delivered to groups as large as 3,000 at one time and roll-outs for even more. Divide your total number of participants by three to come up with the number of hands you’ll be building. Then divide by 10 and that’s how many kits you’ll need.

    If you have additional questions regarding your purchase or delivery, please call us at 1-800-342-1650. Purchasing and Shipping, US $2,500 per kit, plus shipping & handling fees. Purchasing and shipping Internationally is $300 shipping and handling fee per kit. Australia / New Zealand customers, please visit ONLINE or EMAIL to order through our distributor. International orders usually take 8 business days in transit, pending any potential customs issues on the receiving end. Discounts are available for quantities in excess of 10 kits and/or for non-profits and youth organizations.

    Build A Hand Help Desk Video


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    Weight22 lbs
    Dimensions18 x 12 x 18 in