Playhouse Challenge Teambuilding Kit


Each Playhouse Kit includes all of the parts to a beautiful, unfinished playhouse; tools to build it, paint to make it amazing and all the materials to have an impact well beyond the playhouse walls. All you need to provide is a team that is up for the challenge and a place to bring the vision into reality. We suggest you also find a kids group or family who is in need of a one of a kind playhouse. The Playhouse Kit house was designed by us to be lightweight, easy to build and offer plenty of opportunities for creativity. We provide large drop cloths, rubber gloves, leather gloves, safety glasses, paint, hammers, nails, paint brushes, paint rollers, sanding tools and on and on…. You can lead the process without any real building talents and make this the most fun and all consuming give back activity you have ever done.

Product Description

About the Playhouse Challenge: “Knowledge without action is powerless.” The Playhouse Challenge will put your team into action and challenge them to collaborate to build something together. We will give you everything needed to build the playhouse and two small chairs. Your team will need to do the work and tap into their creativity to make the Playhouse something special. Creativity, collaboration, customer perspective, change readiness, and maximizing resources are just a few of the themes you can explore as your team attempts to compete the Playhouse Challenge. At the end of the process you will have proud team members showing off their artwork and feeling the power of working together for a common cause. Many decision will need to be made on the road to success, but each moment is rush with learning and powerful metaphor. It is always fun to invite the children’s group to come and meet your team at the end of the process to personalize the experience for the team and the kids.