Singapore Times

March 26th, 2013

Earlier this month I delivered Helping Hands (One of Odyssey Teams CSR Leadership programs, i.e. Life Cycles where you get to build a bike for a child, the Playhouse Challenge etc.), in Singapore for 65 people from APAC & Japan. In the mix, High Potential leaders from one of the worlds largest firms, representing over 14 countries.
The work went extremely well. Our style of delivery and content brought the group together and they left our session feeling more open, connected, and proud of their team and the huge difference their relatively short time spent will make in other people’s lives.
It was quite fun for me to be back in Singapore. It had been over 15 years since my last trip. Further back in 1987, Singapore and Malaysia’s Cameron Highlands is where I really began building my craft as a trainer and facilitator. I was immersed in these countries for 3 months, surrounded by masters in our arena and delivering content that was extraordinary. Our charge was to create miracles for AT&T’s consumer products division via a rollout for hundreds of their leaders. In short, we did.

There are the numbers and a case study etc. that show we hit the mark. However, what I find outstanding is that participants and fans from Project Miracles (as the 4.5 day offsite and coaching beyond was called) still have reunions to keep the value, stories, content and connections alive.
I had dinner with one of my Project Miracles co-trainers who has long since relocated to Singapore. We hadn’t seen each other in over 12 years. While I enjoyed the walk through Little India and the fabulous dinner, the most refreshing thing was that we were still good friends. A little more wise and gray at the temples, though just as good of buddies as we were back in the day. I believe that our work together, along with the call to be open, forthright, and supportive as we collaborated to make a difference, is what keeps our bond alive.
Hopefully, you have friends such as this too and I believe the seeds of such friendships and business alliances are planted in the programs we deliver around the world as people slow down and connect to see what’s possible for themselves and for business.