5 Tips For Team Building to Better Communication

November 23rd, 2015

Start The Day With A Few Tips For Team Building

Clear communication is a crucial element for effective corporate team building. The first tip for team building to better communication is to accurately define the word team. A team is not just a group of people each fulfilling their duties. An efficient and productive team is the result of feeling a part of something larger than themselves. The bigger picture drives a team members actions. A team members actions are to serve the bigger picture. These are all principles that are brought about in give-back activities like Helping Hands, or The Board Meeting.

Below are a 5 tips for team building to better communication

1. Be aware how you work: David Grossman Communication Expert says, “Since we communicate whether we want to or not, it’s in our best interest to get good at it”. As the team leader you should not only make team course corrects, but self-course corrections as well. Be critical as you evaluate yourself. Are you being as effective as you think? How well is the team accepting your attempts?

Effective Communication Starts With Leadership

2. Understand your employees and clearly define their roles: Get to know your team and their talents. Make sure each team member has a role that is best suited to their abilities. Establishing a common goal is an important key to good team building for communication. According to a survey on Inc.com 48% of management does not effectively communicate business strategies to employees in a way in which they could ‘live it in their daily lives.’ Be sure each member of the team knows there specific role and what is expected of them. You should also make sure the team knows why it exists. This will help the team members understand their importance in the overall company vision. Odyssesy Teams The Playhouse Challenge focuses specifically on this point.

3. Build trust through face time communication: One on one time in an atmosphere of openness and honesty is the next step to building a team based on communication. Many companies employ technological interactions, but the value of a face to face interaction leaves a lasting impression on team members. You should also allow employees to build trust with one another through open communication in a group atmosphere. Friday lunches are an ideal way for employees to talk freely looking for new ways to connect with one another.

4. Encourage sharing and open communication through online tools: Once trust has been established with personal interactions work related information should flow between team members through online tools and message boards. This avoids unnecessary meetings and gives the team member a chance to respond in a time that suits their schedule. For many this tip for team building is the most important.

The Results Of Teamwork Are Amazing

5. Feedback is simply the art of great communication. If your team building for communication then you team has a clear idea of their roles, they trust one another, and they are sharing openly. Feedback is the result of team members feeling comfortable to praise one another and help each other make improvements. As a leader feedback should become part of your natural dialogue. Be able to give out formal and informal feedback. If it becomes too stiff it will lose the authenticity and its impact.

Since you are the example and it falls on you to communicate what should be proper team building etiquette be ready to receive feedback from your team. A good leader builds trust by being able to receive positive and negative feedback like anybody else. These tips for team building and techniques have a 20% more likelihood to have less employee turnover than those companies that don’t effectively communicate.