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Team Building

Teambuilding. What comes to mind?

By February 28, 2008 No Comments

Just a way to spend the day? What about an investment into the future? No matter what teambuilding experiences you may have done before, none of it compares to a teambuilding program with Odyssey Teams, Inc. Odyssey not only provides hands on teamwork and applicable life application, but has found a way to incorporate philanthropy and make investments in the future.
Building a bike for a kid that has never had one before is one of the most rewarding experiences of a lifetime, in my opinion, one that every person should have. Building a bike that is donated to a kid is a very memorable experience. Watching the kids face light up as they see their brand new bike that was built just for them is a once in a lifetime experience. Additionally, each child learns about the importance of gratitude and appreciation. Many of these kids never thought that they could have a bike that they could call their own. With Odyssey and their teambuilding experience, not only do they provide a bike, but the investment into a kid’s life that says they are worth it. It speaks volumes to parents and volunteers that companies would take time out of their day to build a bike and donate it to their kid. Every person leaves the program smiling and ready to go out and do a little more good in their day. So far 10,000 bikes have been given away… imagine the return on that investment.