The Board Meeting – Skateboard Project™

Take off the suit, shut down your laptop, roll up your sleeves and lube up your bearings because you’re going to build skateboards for kids. However, it won’t be just FOR kid…it’s going to be WITH kids. Your team will be partnering with under privileged youth to help create and assemble their new ride. Just as you’d expect from all Odyssey Teams’ give back activities, we’ve packed The Board Meeting – Skateboard Project with powerful metaphors and a context that is reflective of your company’s goals and values.

Available in The Board Meeting LIVE (with Odyssey Teams’ expert facilitation) and now in the DIY Board Meeting Teambuilding kit.

Skateboards Made
Lives Affected

The Board Meeting Live is the award-winning, turn-key program facilitated by Odyssey Teams.
It is an Odyssey and client favorite. Nothing comes close to making an impact inside and out of your organization.

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The Process

Before Board Meeting Event: The Board Meeting, like all of our give back activities, starts by identifying specific business goals and company values that the team building event will deliver upon. A call can be arranged with a tenured facilitator to discuss specific messaging, desired learning objectives, and interactive components.

During Board Meeting Event:

Session I – Icebreaker /Introduction: Application, participation, and engagement are discussed as they are related to the specific organizational values and individual behaviors as identified. Introviews™ are performed as team members ask a series of questions/ icebreakers in pairs to get to know each other and discuss some of the values and goals they have inside and out of business. Roles are assigned such as Sage, builder, decorator, and safety inspector. An instructional review and safety briefing are conducted and this session ends by establishing the timeline.

Session II – Children arrive: The teams are assigned and each one is assigned the child they will be working with. Time to get busy.

Session III – Customize with recipients: Communicating among adults is tough enough to achieve cohesive collaboration, but having a child present really makes people think about communication differently. Clean-up begins as skateboards are finished.

Session IV – Children depart with their new customized board and gear.

Session V – Debrief/Transference: This session begins as the Sages report out on observations of their teams related to collaboration, teamwork, quality, sense of purpose, communication, and goals and values related to the main objectives of the session.

Phase VI – Tipping Points™: Tipping Points are lessons, comments, and original quotes that team members pen down at the end of the give back activities. Everyone in the group is then emailed a quote a day to help tip individuals and teams by reminding them about the event. Some organizers post these around the office or distribute them in newsletters over a period of time.

Phase VII – Close.


How many Skateboards can we assemble? You will want to keep it to a ratio of two skateboards for every group of six participants.

How long will this give back activity last? For a transformational experience you will want to set aside at least three hours though it can be done in less time.

Is it better to do this event indoors or outdoors? Indoors is more ideally suited, but you can do this outdoors if you really want to be outdoors.

The Why of Our Work

Most of the staff at Odyssey Teams were skaters growing up. It’s a part of us just like bicycles are a part of other people. So, after great success with our Life Cycles program, and Helping Hands, we decided to launch the ‘Board Meeting’. The end result is a cool corporate give back activity that has kids as part of the event.Skateboards are like a blank canvas.

The creativity and personality that goes into the design says a lot about the rider and your team. The creative aspect is similar to the Playhouse Challenge but in a bite-size version. This give back activity combines aspects of both Life Cycles and The Playhouse Challenge down to a simpler logistical process as well. The savings is passed on to you. If the budget is a concern, it’s time for a Board Meeting.

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