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Team Building

A Bike can’t Stand on its Own

By February 21, 2008 No Comments

Have you often noticed that from the outside everything looks bright, shiny, strong, and new – like a brand new bike? Then when looking closely realize there isn’t a kickstand to hold it up, nor a person to give it support for it’s ultimate use?
People on teams need support; even if they are over there by themselves looking ‘OK’. Is it safe enough for them to say ‘help, please’? Are you in tune enough to notice they’re off their game and offer them help?
Teambuilding programs such as Odyssey’s Life Cycles – bicycle building program provide opportunities for people to practice asking for help and for helping others. People are willing to do so because the teambuilding environment is politically level and because the tasks are mostly new for everyone involved. There is ‘no shame’ in asking for help…even if it’s “How do I build a bike? Also, people don’t get an ‘I’m good, I can do it alone’ response when they are offered a helping hand. It’s safe, thus, more people are willing to offer support and wisdom and ask for it too.
So whether you’re going to build a bike or not…keep your eye on what systems or what people are in place to let that piece of potential reach its maximum. Make it safe for someone to say “I need a kickstand” or “let me help you get that bike going”.