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People’s votes are heard around the world at Odyssey’s Teambuilding Philanthropic programs such as Helping Hands, Life Cycles and Playhouse Challenge. In a recent week span we delivered programs in Brazil, Singapore, Canada, and California.
Participants in these team-building programs were the opposite of silent and apathetic. They listened (maybe initially biased or jaded) to what was presented, they were open to new possibilities, they took up calls for new action, and they created goodwill by doing good works.
During these corporate team building (and charitable events) they shared different perspectives and respected the valuable differences and strengths in their midst. By their voices and actions they voted for how they want their ‘world’ to be at work, home, and beyond.

Yesterday was Election Day here in the good ol’ U.S. of A. The polls were open and people entered to make choices and to be heard. It is an undeniably important and remarkable time for people to express themselves and to declare and/or shape what they care about- the precious things in life such as family, community, country and the future.
I hope you put an X on the spot and voted. I hope you continue to vote beyond our philanthropic teambuilding programs and the polling centers. Vote! By how you listen, reflect and express yourself with your thoughts, words and actions.