Community Service-Based Team Building Programs

January 16th, 2016

Service-Based Team Building Helps Your Company’s Image

Whether you’re a supervisor, manager, or company owner, Odyssey Teams knows you are always on the look-out for new ways to open up the lines of communication and build a better team. There are a multitude of team building games, activities, and seminars to take advantage of, but if you want to inspire your team to greatness then there is nothing better than a community service-based team building experience. Philanthropic activities partner with non-profit organizations to make a difference in the community surrounding your business.

The list of benefits is endless for a community service-based team building experience.

  • Bridge the gap between business and communities
  • Address real community needs — make an impact!
  • Socially responsible contribution to the local community
  • Enhance your company’s image as a good corporate citizen
  • Elevate employee or client pride
  • Provide employees with a fun and rewarding experience
  • Enhance communication skills, teamwork, and problem-solving through real-life situations
  • Provide real-life experiences that motivate employees
  • Provide the most rewarding and unifying tasks a team can undertake

According to Bhaskar Thyagarajan, co-founder of BlueSky Learning, “The END GOAL of a GREATER GOOD of a larger audience has the power to make us think less about personal gains & motivations.” The act of giving back helps people forget their own desire to rise to the top and pull together for a common goal.

If this the direction you would like to take your team building event then here are a few options that you can take advantage of.

Life Cycles- Building Bicycles For Boys and Girls Club

Life Cycles is a philanthropic activity that brings together groups of three or four to assemble bicycles for children in need. Communication is enhanced as team members get to know one another in a different situation. We bring in the children from the local Boys and Girls club and the teams get to meet and interact with the child that will receive the bike they just assembled.

The Playhouse Challenge – Constructing Playhouses for Individuals and Organizations

The Playhouse Challenge brings together a group of ten to fifteen to construct and decorate a five-foot tall playhouse. The teams are assigned task roles such as safety inspector, designer, and, engineer. After building, recipients of the playhouses are brought in and they get to enjoy the playhouse your team assembled.

Helping Hands – Assemble a Prosthetic Hand to Be Donated To An Amputee

Helping Hands is a team building activity with a far-reaching effect. Teams are broken into groups of four and then each member has a hand bound behind their back. They then must work in teams to assemble an LN-4 prosthetic hand. The hands will then be donated to amputees in third world countries who would not otherwise be able to afford this costly medical device.

There are many other community-based service team building activities like volunteering at a soup kitchen, helping at a veterans establishment, or a pet shelter. View some of our DIY team building kits.