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All our corporate team building activities have a philanthropic focus. But what exactly does that mean? Simply put, it means that anything you or your team builds during the activity is donated to somebody who needs it. Whether this is assembling a bike as a team, or putting together a prosthetic hand, the end product is donated.

Team Building

If philanthropy is our mission, then creating fun and interactive team building programs is our passion. We think people should be fired up about the why of their work. The activities we build and facilitate give focus to employees and managers alike, and reinvigorate their reason for working. Are you ready to regain a passion for the workplace?

Leadership Development

One of the most important aspects of an effective team is leadership. We know and understand this in a very real way. That is why all of our team activities also have a special emphasis on people in leadership positions. Not only will employees develop fundamental skills, but the leadership in the company will also receive specialized training.

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What touched me the most, I think, was watching your team at the end of the program when everyone had left, standing in a circle with arms around each other. That showed me the personal commitment you have to making these events so wonderful and meaningful.

Joan Mensinger, Merrill Lynch

The Odyssey is a modern and fun approach to self discovery, and an awesome vehicle in improving ones capacity to coach and increase the integrity of learning into others!

Hornsby RSL Club

A unique, simple and bloody effective approach to training…. What a wonderful vehicle for growth!

Tanbind P/L

Odyssey Teams gives you a way to improve your team and the world at the same time. The benefits of corporate team building are well studied. Team building boosts productivity, increases motivation, sparks problem solving and catalyzes creativity. Join our Odyssey, and maximize your potential.

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