Teambuilding grew up.

Teambuilding grew up.

Thirty years ago, we began building world-class leaders and teams. By 2000, Odyssey created the first ever corporate service-learning program of building bicycles for children with the Life Cycles program . A purpose-driven experience and business simulation that could build individuals, together vs ‘teambuilding’ was a radical idea. The distinction changed everything. Our clients, executives and their teams from the world’s largest organizations, were building real products for real customers. Collaboration, customer-centricity, quality, teamwork, purpose, and other core-values came to life – and changed lives – at the same time. This was the inspiration and tipping point for CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility).

Odyssey continued to push the boundaries of learning and development. In 2008 the Build-a-Hand (Helping Hands) program was created when Lain Hensley saw how building prosthetic hands for amputees around the world could teach complex promblem solving, collaboration and team purpose. 58,000 amputees in over 80 countries have received this life-changing gift as a result.

Since the Spring of 2020, innovation has never been more important or urgent to Odyssey and their clients.  Being connected virtually does not necessarily lead to authentic connection, productivity, engagement or personal well-being. While you might have searched for ‘virtual teambuilding’, Odyssey continues to build individuals, together with a focus on changing lives, changing business, and changing the world. If it’s your first time working with Odyssey, they will help you understand this important distinction so you can bring the most relevant, memorable and engaging experience to your people, team, business and community.

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More Inspired, Intentional & Indelible. Always Authentic.

From the images you see, to client testimonials, to original experiences, to world-class facilitation, nothing is ‘stock’ or ‘canned’. Your Odyssey, your journey of reaching your potential, together, means everything to us.

Featured Virtual and Hybrid client favorites

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Virtual Helping Hands
Virtual Helping Hands - Odyssey Teams
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Virtual Build-a-Hand (Helping Hands) is the virtual team building program based on the highly impactful Build-a-Hand (Helping Hands) live event. The materials to build LN-4 prosthetic hands are shipped to participants prior to the virtual session. The hands are built together with the same life-changing and business-changing impact they have inspired for the past 13 years.

Virtual Team Mosaic
Virtual Team Mosaic - Odyssey Teams
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The need for remote  teams to be united and working towards a common goal has never been more critical. Our Virtual Team Mosaic™, a virtual team building program,  brings remote teams literally and figuratively together through creative expression and the creation of a shared vision.

Virtual Helping Hands
The Board Meeting - Odyssey Teams
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We pack The Virtual Board Meeting with the same powerful metaphors as The Board Meeting™/The Skateboard Project  to kickstart conversations about collaboration, customer-service, quality, teamwork and leadership. Your colleagues receive the necessary supplies and then we get after it on your fave virtual platform.

Virtual Mindful Leadership
Mindful Leadership Training
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Imagine what is possible if you and your team were less stressed, more peaceful and able to focus better in challenging situations. From board rooms to basketball courts, Mindfulness Training has been the secret ingredient for countless world-class teams and leaders striving to be their best.
Team Time Odyssey
The Board Meeting Corporate Team Building Activities
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Need to build more vibrant and virtual teams; more adaptive, aligned and ambitious teams; or more resilient and ready teams? The TeamTime Odyssey is a series of six, fast-paced, one-hour sessions  (other options available) to address these challenges. The design of this virtual program is based on our facilitator’s 100+ years experience in front of classrooms and ballrooms for clients worldwide.


Who we’ve built with along the way.

After 30 years, these and many other repeat clients, trust Odyssey Teams to change lives. We take great pride in delivering on our promises and yours.

Our Clients


Bill John CEO/Co-Founder
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Bill John


Lain Hensley COO/Co-Founder and Head Dream Chaser
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Lain Hensley

COO/Co-Founder and Head Dream Chaser

Todd Demorest Chief Facilitation Officer
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Todd Demorest

Chief Facilitation Officer

Kim Clary Directory of Client Success
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Kim Clary

Director of Client Success

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Our clients want to strengthen their teams, navigate growth, refine corporate culture, and give back to communities, and we deliver all of this in one Live program. Maybe that’s why over 80% of our client-partners bring us back to us year after year.

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