At Odyssey Teams, we create fun team building activities that give back to communities that need it the most.

Our philanthropic focus means your team building activities will not only improve your team, but the world as well.  A pinch of crazy, a dash of dreamer and a lot of guts, has fueled our Odyssey and keeps us hungry for more. Tirelessly working for you for more than 25 years…and you didn’t even know it! This is our Odyssey.

Built and donated


prosthetic hands

Held over


staff meetings

Built and donated


children’s bikes




Changed the




Learned to


Countries landed in




What touched me the most, I think, was watching your team at the end of the program when everyone had left, standing in a circle with arms around each other. That showed me the personal commitment you have to making these events so wonderful and meaningful.

Joan Mensinger, Merrill Lynch

The Odyssey is a modern and fun approach to self discovery, and an awesome vehicle in improving ones capacity to coach and increase the integrity of learning into others!

Hornsby RSL Club

A unique, simple and bloody effective approach to training…. What a wonderful vehicle for growth!

Tanbind P/L

Odyssey Teams gives you a way to improve your team and the world at the same time. The benefits of team building activities are well studied. Team building boosts productivity, increases motivation, sparks problem solving and catalyzes creativity. Join our Odyssey, and maximize your potential.

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