We’ve been told our programs last a lifetime.

What We Do


Our job is to help you build a better team.


Who we’ve built with along the way.

After more than 25 years, these and many other repeat clients, trust Odyssey to change lives. We take great pride in delivering on our promises and yours.

Success Stories


Bill John

CEO / Co-Founder

There ain’t nothin’ Bill John can’t do. Seriously. If you asked him to make a rocket out of a palm tree, it might take him a while, but he’d find a way. Bill’s one of those guys who’s just naturally good at things. Athletics. Business. Inventing. He has seen the world and it has seen him. After almost 30 years of standing in front of groups… expect his best and you won’t be disappointed. Bill cooked up this Odyssey many moons ago and has found a way to keep improving with every client and group with which he engages. Challenge him, trust him and then get out of the way and let him do his thing. You won’t be disappointed.

Lain Hensley

COO / Co-Founder and Head Dream Chaser

Everyone wants to be Lain Hensley’s friend and chase their own dreams alongside him. Lain is one of those rare people who sees what people often don’t see in themselves. The beautiful beginner. The sacred wonder. He’ll reveal your magic and he’ll get you to believe. He is generous, smart, and oriented to making things better. Lain has been seen on Fox Business and has written for Huffington Post, The Guardian, Successful Meetings and Entrepreneur Magazine. He tells his truth and people soak it up. After he kicked cancer’s ass a few years ago, he decided to step it up a notch. Hold onto your heart and your hat as Lain brings his best to each moment as he transforms your group and life.

Todd Demorest

Chief Facilitation Officer

Todd Demorest has had a life-long affair with the mischievous ingenuity of his own intention. He wakes up with it every morning. Takes it dancing through his work in life. And wraps his arms around it at home. For the past 30 years, he has affirmed, “I feel good today!”. He has shared his wisdom with the top brass of almost every company you can think of and has shown them that even if life is challenging, it has a brilliance that must be celebrated. With over 2 million miles with just one airline, he has seen it all and passes along straight talk about life, work, and business. His name has become a verb around the Odyssey HQ. It means to work with integrity and great detail. Todd does not miss anything and expects the very best of himself in everything he does.

Kim Clary

Director of Client Success

Kim Clary’s smile and infectious laugh will be the first things to make you gravitate towards her, but it’s her ability to bring out the best in you that makes you want more. You will likely not even realize it’s happening. She is flat-out fun from start to finish. Kim is no beginner at giving back and making things better. She started a non-profit in her hometown of Santa Cruz-“THE CORE”-which focused on giving youth of the area a place to be safe and learn about life away from drugs and risky behaviors. There is actually an award named in her honor. Yup, she’s a pretty big deal. As Director of Client Success with Odyssey Teams, she fights for you and makes visions a reality because it’s just who she is and how she rolls.

Why the Best Companies Hire Odyssey Teams

Fox Business sees the power in the Helping Hands program

As Co-Owner of Odyssey Teams and creator of the Helping Hands Program, Lain gets his chance to tell the story of why the Helping Hands Team Building program is changing lives around the world.

Odyssey’s Ball Mania Program Hits Chicago

Odyssey gets into the ring against childhood obesity. The Ball Mania Program seeks to get kids off video games and put sports equipment in their hands. Check it out and see what life changing looks like.

Bill Gives an Amputee a Prosthetic Hand

A very personal view of how our very own Bill John, President of Odyssey Teams, feels after his trip to Vietnam to give hands to people in need.

Surgical Care Affiliates hit Vegas to Save Lives and Build Hands

Surgical Care Affiliates help save lives every day in the medical world, but at their leadership meeting they come together to change lives with the Helping Hands program. Powerful stuff!

Along the way, we also build a better world.

The Prosthetic Hand Foundation (501-C3)
Odyssey for Youth
Healting Odyssey (501-C3) Women with Cancer Retreat
Chico Matrix Volleyball Club (501-C3)
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