We Don’t Do Team Building. We Do Individual Building Together.

What We Do

We Don’t Do Team Building. We Do Individual Building Together.

What We Do


Our job is to help you build a better team.

We at Odyssey Teams use corporate team building activities to further enhance your staff’s abilities to achieve meaningful accomplishments in the office.

This isn’t some routine weekend to force playing nice at work or to get people to care about their routines. Our team building activities aim to inspire your people to see the big picture. That everything they do at work affects the real people they service. Our team bonding programs teach collaboration, forward-thinking, communication techniques, and the satisfaction that comes from working together towards a common goal. That is, after all, what a team does. Come together to fulfill a common purpose.

Below you’ll find an overview of our many team building activities. If you are interested in any particular one, just click to find out more about the program. Better yet, read through each of them. They all have specific goals in mind. If you have trouble deciding which one is best, reach out to us. We’re more than happy to help you settle on one of our team building activities. Then again, who says you have to settle for one. Different teams could benefit from different team building programs. Enhance the company rather than a single portion.

Helping Hands

Helping Hands

Imagine life without a hand. During this award-winning corporate team building program, your team will build prosthetic hands needed by amputees around the world. Life-changing moments can be created while learning valuable lessons in perspective, purpose-driven work and customer-centric thinking. (Seen in/on: Fox Business, Huffington Post and Successful Meetings)

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The Board Meeting™

Not just building skateboards for underprivileged kids, but building them with the kids. If you are trying to teach creativity, innovation, customer-centricity and collaboration, this is the program. At the end of the day, The Board Meeting brings out the best in people and inspires them to do better for others.

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Playhouse Challenge

Playhouse Challenge™

Your teams will assemble and customize dream playhouses for kids in need. Hammers, nails and paint will turn imagination into reality. The steps are simple, but the impact of presenting your playhouses to the actual children is impossible to describe. It’s inspiring to see the creativity that comes out of employees during their work on the Playhouse Challenge™.

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Life Cycles

Life Cycles™

The philanthropic team building industry started when Odyssey Teams invented Life Cycles™. Some thirty years later, Life Cycles™ continues to change corporate culture by vividly illustrating what happens when the stakes are high and employees work together.

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Team Mosaic Give

Team Mosaic Give™

Painting on mini-canvases as individuals, your team will literally and figuratively come together to collectively create a beautiful mural representative of your values, themes, and goals. Team Mosaic Give™ benefits wildlife conservation in Africa as well as art education domestically by donating Youth Mosaic Kits to kids.

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Play It Forward


In true Odyssey Teams fashion, Play-it-Forward™ is loaded with metaphors and opportunities to demonstrate the virtues of good teamwork and citizenship. Teams will get their “work-order”, time constraints and all tools needed to build bean-bag toss aka “corn-hole” games. These games will be donated to veterans’ recreational rehabilitation centers, children’s shelters, parks, schools and homes.

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Who we’ve built with along the way.

After more than 25 years, these and many other repeat clients, trust Odyssey Teams to change lives. We take great pride in delivering on our promises and yours.

Our Clients


Bill John


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Lain Hensley, COO/Co-Founder and Head Dream Chaser

Lain Hensley

COO/Co-Founder and Head Dream Chaser

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Todd Demorest

Chief Facilitation Officer

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Kim Clary, Directory of Client Success

Kim Clary

Directory of Client Success

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Why the Best Companies Hire Odyssey Teams

Looking for meaningful change? Our clients want to strengthen their teams, navigate growth, refine corporate culture, and give back to communities, and we deliver all of this in one Live program. Maybe that’s why over 80% of our client-partners bring us back to us year after year.

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Microsoft: Odyssey Teams Drives Employee Engagement
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