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In-Person, Hybrid and Virtual Team Building and Leadership Development Programs

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Virtual Helping Hands
Virtual Helping Hands - Odyssey Teams
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The Build-a-Hand program is about changing lives. By building prosthetic hands for amputees around the world, your group will experience one of the most profound charitable team building and business simulations available.

Virtual Team Mosaic
Virtual Team Mosaic - Odyssey Teams
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Through expert facilitation, participants engage in an artistic project and discussions that bring organizational goals, values and behaviors to life. The Team Mosaic is a reminder that every piece counts.

Odyssey Keynotes
Mindful Leadership Training
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If you’ve never experienced an Odyssey Keynote, you’re in for a wild ride learning about leadership development, team dynamics and employee engagement. Odyssey Teams’ Keynote Speakers incorporate profound business and life experiences that resonate with global audiences ranging from the C-suite to new hires. Popular keynote topics: Change-Agility, Purpose-Driven Work, Collaboration, Communication and Innovation.

Virtual Helping Hands
The Board Meeting - Odyssey Teams
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The Board Meeting is a community service project that focuses on brand awareness, customer-centricity, quality assurance, time management and collaboration. You’ll receive orders to build, design and build skateboard kits for your customers. You’ll build much more than that as a team.

Life Cycles
Life Cycles - Odyssey Teams
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Life Cycles™ is a team building program that centers on the influence and impact anyone can have by collaborating for the good of others. Your team will build bikes for deserving children while experiencing firsthand how their actions directly impact their clients and coworkers.

Team Time Odyssey
The Board Meeting Corporate Team Building Activities
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Need to build more vibrant and virtual teams; more adaptive, aligned and ambitious teams; or more resilient and ready teams? The TeamTime Odyssey is a series of six, fast-paced, one-hour sessions (other options available) to address these challenges. The design of this virtual program is based on our facilitator’s 100+ years of experience

Playhouse Challenge
Playhouse Challenge - Odyssey Teams
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The keys to any team building activity are collaboration and communication. Playhouse Challenge™ focuses on several approaches to “concept to completion” and team members can not execute without refining their collaboration and communication skills. By inspiring the team to think about the way they approach a group effort, the effectiveness and efficiency at the office in enhanced. Who doesn’t want better collaboration and communicaiton around the business?

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Play-it-Forward™ is a team building activity that turns a simple bag toss game into a purpose driven experience. By having the team consider how to reinvent this classic game, everyone benefits from looking at projects in a new way. What business wouldn’t stand to benefit from a more innovative team? Make an impact on your organization through this creative team building exercise.

Virtual Mindful Leadership
Mindful Leadership Training
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Imagine the possibilities if you and your team were less stressed, more peaceful and able to focus better in challenging situations. From board rooms to basketball courts, Mindfulness Training has been the secret ingredient for countless world-class teams and leaders striving to be their best.

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