Odyssey Teams' Team Building Programs

Odyssey Teams' Team Building Programs

We’ve been working for your success since 1991. Creating, testing and refining the best possible team building programs for maximum impact on your team, company and the world.

Helping Hands - Odyssey Teams

Helping Hands

“The Helping Hands program was something that touched every single person that attended our directors meeting and the comments were pouring in that evening at dinner. Everyone wanted to know how in the world I found your team.”

-Sheryl Shortridge, DaVita

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Life Cycles - Odyssey Teams

Life Cycles

“We are incredibly grateful for the Life Cycles experience you and your team provided.  We have heard nothing but positive feedback, particularly from our CEO & CFO and even many of the naysayers.”

-Renee Loth Cali, Ekso Bionics

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The Board Meeting - Odyssey Teams

The Board Meeting

“In my 18 years, this was the first meeting after which I received high fives and hugs from colleagues expressing appreciation and gratitude for the opportunity to experience today’s The Board Meeting skateboard program.”

-Kathy Bell, Comcast

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Playhouse Challenge - Odyssey Teams

Playhouse Challenge

“I believe the Playhouse Program gave our employees the opportunity to think about their purpose, their ‘why’ and hopefully they will take a different perspective of their work and their lives moving forward.”

-Natalie Leaman, Shell Canada

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Odyssey Teams Programs - Team Mosaic

Team Mosiac Give

“Odyssey completely surprises people in the best way and it’s always a great session.  The biggest benefit is getting the team working together and bonding on a deep level.  We are more productive when we genuinely like each other. Strong relationships are developed quickly with Team Mosaic Give. It’s amazing.”

– Glo Gordon, Uptake

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