The Secret Sauce of Odyssey Teams: Our Keynote Speakers

Odyssey Teams’ experiential keynote speakers have been inspiring audiences around the world for over 25 years. Loaded with experience, our presenters provide relevant, insightful and engaging keynote presentations that transcend the sit-and-listen white noise.

An Odyssey Keynote: Rocket Fuel For Your Agenda

Odyssey Teams pioneered the industry of philanthropic team building, and replication has been attempted by team building companies around the world. However, 80% of Odyssey Teams’ clients are repeat or referred because of one thing: our keynote speakers.

Odyssey experiential keynote speakers are personable, professional, relatable, curious, humorous, and inevitably bring out the best in all. Equipped with over a quarter century of experience in leadership development, team dynamics and employee engagement, their profound business and life experiences resonate with global audiences that range from the C-suite to new hires.

Bundled into every Live Program is a keynote infused with business simulations specifically tailored to your company’s mission, vision and values. Along with your philanthropic team building program, your team also receives an out-of-your-seat journey that gives your team something to think about, something to do and something to feel.

For more information on hiring an Odyssey Teams keynote speaker to transform your team, call Odyssey Teams at (800) 342-1650 or send us an email to speak with our Director of Client Success, Kim Clary.

Book Odyssey Early, Book Odyssey Soon

Odyssey Teams’ keynote speaker’s calendars fill up quickly. Discovery calls regarding the makeup of the group, company values and meeting themes should happen early in your agenda planning. This ensures each program is customized to provide the most relevant and powerful program possible.

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Featured Keynote Speakers at Odyssey Teams

Bill John, Odyssey Teams President / CEO / Co-Founder

As President and Founder of Odyssey Teams, Bill John brings over 25 years of experience working with senior executives from the world’s biggest organizations to MBA students to cancer patients. Bill and Odyssey Teams’ work is conducted around the globe with impact in over sixty countries. Challenge him, trust him and then get out of the way and let him do his thing. You won’t be disappointed.

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Lain Hensley, Odyssey Teams COO / Co-Founder / Head Dream Chaser

Lain Hensley has worked with thousands of groups in more than 21 countries with clients including Microsoft, Oracle, Charles Schwab, Johnson Controls, Caterpillar, Gallo Wines, Shell and Genentech. He has been on Fox Business, written for Entrepreneur Magazine, Inc. Magazine, The Guardian, and Huffington Post. For the past 22 years he has been a part of the UCLA MBA “Foundations of Leadership Program.” Lain recently launched an inspiring podcast, You Go First.

More About Lain Hensley

Todd Demorest, Odyssey Teams Chief Facilitation Officer

Todd Demorest’s background is in business and human resource management. He was recently an integral part of a multi-layered cultural change initiative for 2,500 managers at a Fortune 100 Company. His work as a consultant, coach and facilitator has attracted clients such as the 1996 Olympic Volleyball Team as they prepared for the games in Atlanta. Todd has delivered to tens of thousands of participants around the world. His commitment, energy, and openness is his trademark and paramount to the successful design, training, and delivery process for which he is known.

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Experiential Keynotes

If you are looking for a speaker to tell their inspirational story while everyone sits and listens, that is great.

But if you want a guided journey with your people out of their seats sharing while being challenged to entertain new perspectives, reconnect to the purpose and power of their work and motivating each other to achieve more than they ever thought possible, then you need an Odyssey Teams’ experiential keynote speaker at your next offsite, sales-kickoff or corporate event.

For a full list of the Odyssey Teams experiential keynote speakers, visit Our Team.

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Odyssey Team Keynote Speakers

A Keynote The Odyssey Way

Unlike many corporate keynote addresses, an Odyssey Keynote is the opposite of a sit-and-listen experience. A keynote the Odyssey Way is a hands-on, experience with an immediate practical application.

Did you know that human beings derive meaning from words (7%), tone (38%) and physiology / body language (55%)? This means that the audience of a good keynote speaker may only walk away with 7% of the content.

It is critical to engage physiology and to give participants something to do and practice so words become understanding. Odyssey Teams avoids the sit and listen keynote that leaves 93% of your investment on the table. Unless there is action derived from the words, the concepts reside in the participants’ minds and make no difference. Through our LIVE philanthropic team building programs facilitated by our expert keynote speakers, Odyssey Teams connects emotion to motion which transforms lives.