The Build-a-Hand® program (formally known as Helping Hands ) is about changing lives. Through building hands for amputees around the world who cannot afford prosthetic devices, your group will access the potential of their heads, hands, and hearts to build a better team, a better organization, and a better world. Corporate social responsibility is blended with teambuilding and embraced by thousands of clients around the world in virtual, hybrid and in-person events. Over 70,000 prosthetic hands have been funded, built and donated to recipients in more than 90 countries.

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“Wonderful, engaging, and interactive session. The experiences really got people thinking, acting, and discovering.”

– Bill Hughson, CEO IntegraMed

Helping Hands DIY Kit

Featured Build-a-Hand® Videos

Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Kit: You Can Do This!

The power of our DIY team building kits is in your hands. With our DIY version of this program, we give you everything you need to build prosthetic hands, a how-to instructional video and the keys to delivering your very own version of the Build-a-Hand® program to your team.

TEDx, Build-a-Hand® and Disruption

Disruption leads to transformation and growth. TEDx invited Odyssey COO, Lain Hensley, to take the stage and tell the story of building prosthetic hands and how Odyssey Teams harnesses the power of disruption in their programs. Watch this inspiring TEDx talk.