Virtual & In-Person Keynote Speaker: Todd Demorest

Todd Demorest

Chief Facilitation Officer & Keynote Speaker

Keynote Speaker, Todd Demorest of Odyssey Teams

Think about a mentor who believed in you so much that you began to believe in yourself? Todd embodies that mentor in a room, whether it’s 10 or 10,000 people. He will call out and cut through any malarky that prevents a program experience from having maximum impact, and he will do it with candor and disarming humor.

Check out some of Todd’s most recent virtual team building work: Virtual Team Mosaic™, Virtual Helping Hands & TeamTime Odyssey.

Over 20 years of keynote speaking and facilitation, he has accumulated 2 million miles with just one airline and shared his wisdom with the top brass of almost every company you can think of. With Todd, you’ll have a seasoned facilitator who knows your program content inside and out and connects authentically with your participants. The way Todd brings the meeting themes to life in inspiring, engaging, and compelling ways is simply priceless.

You’ll go from just believing in yourself to believing in your team.

Todd Demorest Leaves Teams Inspired For Years To Come

You’ll never hear the same thought-provoking, on-point and funny keynote twice from Todd Demorest. Multiple discovery Zooms regarding the meeting themes and company values with Todd ensure your company receives the most relevant and powerful program possible.

A small sampling of the topics clients request from Todd Demorest include:

  • Change Management
  • Purpose Driven Work
  • Increasing Collaboration Within An Organization
  • Increasing Communication Between Teams
  • Reconnecting Employees To The Why of The Work

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