Virtual Team Mosaic™: Way More Than A Corporate Ice Breaker

While physically separated, your employees need to be reminded that their work directly affects the company as a whole.

Virtual Team Mosaic™: More Than Team Building

The Virtual Team Mosaic™ is a powerful collaborative process like nothing else in the world. Using our unique software program, participants actually produce a small work of art that is uploaded to create ONE LARGE TEAM MOSAIC, in real time. Participants are blown away at the final image and the power of their individual contribution to the collective masterpiece. Whether you lead it yourself or have our facilitators take the spotlight, this simple process is the perfect tool for an ice-breaker, team building, collaboration discussion or to support countless other learning lessons. The Team Mosaic brings remote teams literally and figuratively together to provide a fun anchoring experience. The need for teams to be united and working towards a common goal has never been more critical and you will have the final Team Mosaic image to remind them of what is possible.

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How Virtual Team Mosaic™ Works

We start with a design that embodies the vision of your company or team. This large image is pixelated into individual 4×4 squares (tiles), numbered and entered into your unique webpage. Each person will enter the webpage to select a tile to duplicate. While isolated in their remote offices, participants are asked to recreate the images in breakout rooms of 3 – 5 people.

After applying artistic creativity, each participant uploads their finished tile and waits for the big reveal…. When complete, everyone sees the entire, beautiful, Team Mosaic.

Virtual Team Mosaic™ is a powerful metaphor, a catalyst for relevant discussions, and a tool for making a tremendous difference for your physically separated but united workforce.

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What Clients Are Saying About Virtual Team Mosaic™

“We organized a virtual team engagement with my clients’ marketing team. We worked with Odyssey to execute the Team Mosaic. Everything about the experience was thoughtful, detailed and organized. They shipped all the materials to the attendees and even added some fun goodies to the box as a surprise (in addition to printing some content). Odyssey Teams was responsive, on top of everything, and Lain’s facilitation was excellent. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the experience and they were able to collaborate and connect deeper as a team while having fun!
Look forward to working with Odyssey Teams for my other client events!!”

Brooke Davis, Global Access Meetings

Choose The TEAM Mosaic Style That Meets Your Remote or In-Person Team Needs

T- Tangible Version

This is a virtual experience with the Tangible offering. Participants are sent physical tiles that they work on and then mail back to your company’s HQ for a physical presentation.

E – Electronic Version

This is our 100% electronic version of the Team Mosaic experience which doesn’t require anything to be shipped or mailed. It is what we use for our Team Mosaic For Youth program because it is so user-friendly. All materials and facilitation are done through your customized website and video conferencing.

A – Assembly Version (LIVE)

For teams that can meet in-person, our LIVE assembly version is incredibly impactful.

M – Manual Version (DIY)

When facilitation is not called for, our manual version of Team Mosaic (Do-It-Yourself) is a perfect fit.

Now Offering: Virtual Team Mosaic™ For Youth & Schools

Odyssey Teams is in a unique position to help with the transition to virtual learning for K-12 student. Based on the corporate version of our Virtual Team Mosaic™  used by Fortune 500 companies worldwide, our Virtual Team Mosaic™ For Schools is instrumental for:

  • Welcoming students to the new medium and helping them fully engage with virtual learning
  • Developing a sense of engagement and deep connections despite not being in the same physical classroom
  • Building a sense of community with virtual classmates
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Virtual Team Mosaic Unites Teams Behind Your Company’s Vision For The Future

What Is Team Mosaic™?

Industry-leading ed-tech company, Clever, took time out of their busy schedules to unite their hardworking virtual team with a 90’s themed event called Quamp Clever. With the help of keynote facilitator, Lain Hensley, the 150-person team created a gorgeous Virtual Team Mosaic which will be displayed at their HQ. In the meantime, team members can relive the experience through this custom video produced by Odyssey Teams’ media director, Ross Field.


How Virtual Team Mosaic™ Works

The need for remote teams to be united and working towards a common goal has never been more critical. Our Virtual Team Mosaic™, a virtual team building program, brings remote teams literally and figuratively together through creative expression and the creation of a shared vision.


Team Mosaic™: The Assembly / Live Version

See how the assembly / live version of Team Mosaic™ worked for a large group of Cisco employees. The virtual option is exactly the same with one exception: participants release their creativity from the comfort of their own homes.