1 Virtual Team Mosaic

A powerful experience that demonstrates the importance of individual contribution within a team. Participants receive the supplies to re-create one or more artistic scenes (squares) that are selected from an image that captures the essence of your work – goals, vision, theme, etc.. Through expert facilitation, the metaphor becomes the catalyst for dialogue while participants access their creative potential. Each square (image) is uploaded into the Team Mosaic platform. Propreitary software inserts it into the correct location to reveal the final, collective image. The debrief allows participants to describe, interpret, generalize and apply the many lessons from the Team Mosaic. Engaging, relevant and memorable. The Team Mosaic is ideal for virtual, hybrid and in-person teams of all sizes.


The HOW (virtual delivery)

What Clients Are Saying About Virtual Team Mosaic™

“We organized a virtual team engagement with my clients’ marketing team. We worked with Odyssey to execute the Team Mosaic. Everything about the experience was thoughtful, detailed and organized. They shipped all the materials to the attendees and even added some fun goodies to the box as a surprise (in addition to printing some content). Odyssey Teams was responsive, on top of everything, and Lain’s facilitation was excellent. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the experience and they were able to collaborate and connect deeper as a team while having fun!
Look forward to working with Odyssey Teams for my other client events!!”

Brooke Davis, Global Access Meetings