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The Nature of Business – Lessons From a Dung Bettle

Bill John, Odyssey Teams CEO, was living and working from Greater Kruger National Park, South Africa. He had been reflecting on the lessons the business world can learn from nature. His latest teacher is the determined Dung Beetle. Let this short video, filmed by Bill, inspire you to value your resources, hold tight to your purpose and keep on pushing.

Don’t do teambuilding. Build your individuals instead

Odyssey Teams, the nation’s leading team building company, delivers experiences that give your people something to think about, something to do and something to feel in a way that connects deeply with who they are, what they do and where they are going.

How to Thrive in the Virtual Environment and Workspace

Our worlds have collided. The lines between work and home life, blurred. But every day the virtual work experience has taught us something new at Odyssey Teams. About how we work. The culture we create. And how we’re all striving to thrive as team members in this new world. What are some more keys to thriving in a virtual work environment? For the answers, we turn to Head Dream Chaser Lain Hensley.

How to Increase Employee Engagement in the Virtual Space

In these unprecedented times, it’s essential to stay connected with employees and remain tuned in to their mental and emotional needs. So, we’ve compiled some helpful ways that explain how you can work towards maintaining and improving employee engagement at your organization. These tips come from our Chief Facilitation Officer Todd Demorest who has more than twenty years of keynote speaking and facilitation experience.

How to Have Better Work/Life Balance in the Virtual Environment

At this point, we’ve all come to realize that there are some things that are incredibly challenging about living and working in the same place, but even a few small changes may give us better boundaries when it comes to separating work and life. Here are six simple steps to help you create better work from home boundaries.

How to Manage Zoom Fatigue During Virtual Sessions

After months in quarantine and social distancing measures in order, video conferencing calls continue to be a part of our daily lives, especially if you are working from home. If you are like us and experiencing a little zoom fatigue at times, here’s what you can do to stop it.

Program Promotional Videos

Virtual Build-a-Hand

Build-A-Hand to Give-A-Hand

The Virtual Build-a-Hand program is an inspirational team building activity created by Odyssey Teams. It’s about perspective, inspiration, collaboration, and giving back. By building prosthetic hands for people in need, your team will be part of a growing movement to connect to the “WHY” of your work, your team mates, and to the world.

Virtual Build-a-Hand Philanthropic Activity

The most profound experience with your colleagues virtually is when you realize there is nothing virtual about changing someone’s life. The Build-a-Hand program has been embraced by purpose-driven teams who understand the power of community, the power of connection and the power of caring. Thank you for learning how your team can help the more than six-million below-elbow amputees in the world.

Virtual Build-a-Hand Program Lifts Others Up

In this video, you see the inspiring efforts of participants in the remote/online-version of the Build-a-Hand Program. The Build-a-Hand philanthropic team building event has helped deliver more than fifty-five thousand prosthetic hands to amputees around the world. Since March, 2020 it has been embraced virtually with the same powerful impact on individuals, teams and organizations.

Virtual Team Mosaic

Virtual Team Mosaic™: More Than Team Building

The need for remote teams to be united and working towards a common goal has never been more critical. Our Virtual Team Mosaic™, a virtual team building program, brings remote teams literally and figuratively together through creative expression and the creation of a shared vision.

Virtual Team Mosaic Creates Connection 

Virtual is the new frontier and everyone is challenged with coming up with creative, online ideas to engage remote attendees and have an event that resonates. How can you try to make an event unifying without anyone really being around each other? One solution we feel can help with these questions is our Virtual Team Mosaic team building program. The purpose of the Virtual Team Mosaic is to create one large collaborative mosaic, composed of a variety of smaller images. Participants will leave not only aligned, connected and accountable for their ‘piece’ of the team but more ambitious for the future.

Virtual Board Meeting

Odyssey Teams Introduces Board Meeting Program in the Virtual Space

Following the Build-a-Hand and Team Mosaic programs that have been embraced virtually, The Board Meeting joins the offerings and clients are loving it. Skateboards are designed and built with loads of creativity. Helmets, pads, and a backpack complete each Board Meeting ‘kit’. The experience is packed with metaphors to kickstart conversations about collaboration, customer-service, quality, teamwork and leadership. Self facilitate with the DIY kits or have an Odyssey Teams expert facilitator lead your session. No matter how you get your Board Meeting on, your team will love it.

Virtual Program Highlight Videos

Virtual Team Mosaic

Virtual Team Mosaic Helps Shell Paint a Picture of Camaraderie

One of the largest oil companies in the world, Shell, comes together in the virtual space to create an impactful and everlasting event symbolic of their company’s innovation and future. With the help of keynote facilitator, Lain Hensley, the 530-person team created an incredible Virtual Team Mosaic. Each Shell employee painted a picture to contribute to the overall image. Every piece counts for Shell as they move forward in this unique time.

Creativity and Collaboration Come Alive for Rosendin with Virtual Team Mosaic Experience

Every piece plays a role for Rosendin Electric, an electrical contractor based in the Bay Area of California. The Virtual Team Mosaic experience lit a spark for this enthusiastic team and led them on a successful journey of discovering better team bonding skills through problem-solving, collaboration, and artisitic creativity.

Virtual Team Mosaic Team Building Activity Helps Oracle Come Together Literally and Figuratively

Computer Technology powerhouse Oracle embarks on the Virtual Team Mosaic experience and creates an image that captures that spirit and vision of their organization. Each member of the 300-person group contributes a small artistic piece to the big picture. The experience helped them trust each team member’s contribution to the company and reiterated the important concept of every individual needing to step back to the ‘bigger picture.’

Live Program Promotional Videos


Build-a-Hand: An Inspirational Team Building Activity With A CSR Component

If giving back is on the menu for your next meeting or corporate event, this program will, “Hit it out of the park”. The Build-a-Hand program is an inspirational team building activity created by Odyssey Teams. It’s about perspective, inspiration, collaboration, and giving back. In a live-setting, our clients build prosthetic hands to be donated to people in need. The experience serves as a business simulation and helps program participants connect to their own work.

Life Cycles

What Is Life Cycles Team Building Program and CSR Give Back Activity?

As the inventors of this bike-building team building process in October of 2000, Odyssey Teams invites you to experience the original Life Cycles™ team building program. The centerpiece of our philanthropic programs is the Life Cycles™ team building program. This bicycle-building event is a perfect example of the ripple effect of “paying it forward.” It’s the Life Cycle of creating something valuable and passing it on. Your team will experience firsthand, the influence their actions, integrity, attention and intention have on their work. They’ll recognize their impact on the lives of their co-workers, families, friends and customers. And they’ll discover how very much they get from the simple act of giving.

Board Meeting

The Board Meeting: Building Skateboards While Building Better Teams with Odyssey Teams

The Board Meeting is an innovative corporate team building experience where participants build skateboards for deserving children while building better teams. Odyssey Teams has been designing radically different approaches to leadership development, team building and organizational culture since 1991. Our philanthropic focus means your team building activities will not only improve your team, but the world as well. This is our Odyssey.

Live Program Highlight Videos


Microsoft & The Power of a Build-a-Hand Team Building Experience

At Microsoft’s HR Global Conference in Bellevue, WA, Odyssey Teams was invited to provide the keynote and a transformative CSR team building experience. Over 1,400 Microsoft HR employees attended the valuable training event. Bill John, keynote speaker and CEO of Odyssey Teams, kicked-off the session with a presentation designed to remind the HR reps how a very simple shift in approach can transform a business. Microsoft employees were then challenged to use this new approach in a team building experience, Build-a-Hand. During this Odyssey Teams program alone, a total of 280 prosthetic hands were built, and each one will be donated to a person in need of a new hand.

Build-a-Hand Program has a Lasting Impact on SAP Concur

Leaders at SAP Concur experience a Build-a-Hand program with Odyssey Teams. The insights they share after the program are fresh and inspiring and touch on how this experience brought out the values they want to embody as a company. Build-a-Hand is a charitable, CSR (corporate social responsibility) team building program focused on perspective, inspiration, collaboration, and giving back. You will be part of a growing movement to connect your team to the “WHY” of their work, each other, and the world.

Life Cycles

Life-changing Life Cycles Program Energizes Participants and Youth Organization

Leaders at Marriott experience a Life Cycles program with Odyssey Teams in San Diego. The experience left a profound impact on the participants and the youth organization whose leader shared a touching speech near the end of the program. This is a recap of that speech.

Board Meeting

The Board Meeting Builds Creativity, Collaboration and Customer Focus for IDEX

IDEX leaders get on a roll in Las Vegas with our skateboard building program! The group of 250 embraced this philanthropic team building event with enthusiasm as they built skateboards for kids in need.

Client Testimonies

Virtual Build-a-Hand

Live or Virtual, Helping Hands Hits it Out of the Park

Over the years, we’ve helped many companies become their best and thrive in the live setting. But Aya Healthcare says our offering of the Build-a-Hand program is better in the virtual setting. Hear from them as they explain their Virtual Build-a-Hand experience in this testimonial video.

5-Star Google Reviews

We are Proud of our 5-Star Google Reviews and our Clients

What our clients experience and take away from our philanthropic team building programs means the world to us. So, when we see the long list of 5-Star Google Reviews for Odyssey Teams, it makes us very excited and grateful. In this video, you will see several quotes from our beloved clients. We are constantly striving to meet their needs and we will continue to reach for the stars, the Google 5-Stars, that is.

Team Building Programs

What Clients Take Away From Our Philanthropic Team Building Programs

Hear what clients have to say about our Virtual Team Building programs. Each program has a give-back component that is designed as a business simulation to emotionally anchor the specific values and mission of your organization. This creates an impact in real time with real customers who benefit in a life-changing way and affirms your organization’s commitment to corporate social responsibility in your communities.

LN-4 Prosthetic Hand Recipients

Helping Hands Program

Build-a-Hand Program Helps Companies Provide LN-4 Prosthetic Hands to Those in Need

In this video, we show recipients of the LN-4 Prosthetic Hand. The prosthetic hands are part of Odyssey Teams’ program, Build-a-Hand. Through this program, they encourage a lot of team building while giving back to amputees around the world who have been affected by land mine accidents.

Prosthetic Hand Building With Build-a-Hand™ by Odyssey Teams

Build-a-Hand by Odyssey Teams is a powerful program that brings deeper meaning to leadership, teamwork, community and life. While building prosthetic hands for people in over 80 developing countries, individuals recognize the profound connections their actions have on customers, colleagues and communities

Giving An Amputee an LN-4 Prosthetic Hand in Vietnam

Odyssey Teams had the opportunity to help this man by making him a prosthetic hand through our Build-a-Hand team building program. This is a life-changing experience for both him and us.