Team Mosaic™

Take your company’s vision and turn it into a work of art with Team Mosaic. A powerful image is created and divided into individual squares. Painting supplies, small blank tiles and numbered images are provided for each participant. Together, the participants paint their tile(s) while discussing relevant business topics. No one knows what the final image will become until each person has given their best effort. The tiles are compiled onto a larger canvas to reveal the overall image. As a result of the Team Mosaic process, your team gets to explore profound lessons in teamwork and collaboration, as well as the power of each individual’s contribution. The Team Mosaic experience is offered virtually, hybrid or in-person.

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Featured Team Mosaic Videos

Team Mosaic with Cerium Networks

Cerium Networks had an incredible experience with Team Mosaic as they literally created the company’s vision together. Participants said the experience reminded them to trust their colleagues’ contributions and to step back from their individual silos more often to see the ‘bigger picture.’

ROI with Team Mosaic Clients

With every Team Mosaic experience your team will create a collaborative mosaic that captures the spirit and the vision of your organization. Participants will leave not only aligned, connected and accountable for their ‘piece’ of the team, but more ambitious for the future.

Give Back to the Community. Turn your Team Mosaic into a Team Mosaic GIVE™

Through the Team Mosaic GIVE option, you can donate DIY Team Mosaic Kits to a local school or youth organization in the name of your company. Each kit includes all the supplies for up to 36 kids to create their own beautiful mosaic. DIY kits can either be shipped or a representative will attend your event to receive the donation and say a few words about their organization.