Life Cycles

The original bicycle building team building program. Over 23,000 bicycles built and donated!

The centerpiece of our philanthropic experiences is the Life Cycles™ team building program. This bicycle-building event is a perfect example of the ripple effect of “paying it forward.” It’s the Life Cycle of creating something valuable and passing it on. Your team will experience firsthand the influence their actions, integrity, attention and intention have on their work. They’ll recognize their impact on the lives of their co-workers, families, friends and customers, while discovering how much they get from the simple act of giving.

As the inventors of this bike-building team building process in October of 2000, Odyssey Teams invites you to experience the original Life Cycles™ team building program. Contact Us to bring a Life Cycles™ team building program to your next offsite or corporate event.

Making A Difference Inside Your Organization

“I went from helping with a bike ‘sales pitch’ that probably wasn’t going to change how I looked at my role any differently, to a joyous experience of seeing the kids with wide eyes looking over the room of bikes. The time to engage with a child, the heartfelt perspective from their camp leader, and time to process with our group afterwards was a true transformation that I know will make a difference in my personal and work life for the weeks and years to come. And, it already has!”

Cindy Kline, Innovative Sports Sales

Make a huge impact on your organization and culture.

Life Cycles Kits

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See what comes in your DIY Kit

If you have facilitation rock stars on your team, we can help them shine. With a Life Cycles™ DIY kit, we provide the support and the materials for you to run the show. Check out the video to see what comes in your Life Cycles™ DIY kit.

A gift from WePay

Observe the Life Cycles program from the perspective of our valued client. WePay gives a personal view of the impact this program has on all of those that it touches. Watch now.

Taylor Corporation takes part in Life Cycles™

150 employees put together 30 bicycles for this Life Cycles™ team building exercise. The Taylor Corporation knows the power of the program. Watch now.