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What Odyssey Teams Delivers That No Other Team Building Company Does

Odyssey Teams, a corporate team building company, has been designing radically different approaches to leadership development, team building and organizational culture since 1991. Enjoy these stories of successful philanthropic team building events.

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Odyssey Teams Helps Accenture Create The Culture That Drives Innovation

“If you work together, you can improve the lives of everyone around you.”
– Accenture employee after completing Odyssey Teams’ Helping Hands

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Microsoft, MACH Program Relies On Odyssey Teams To Drive Employee Engagement

“With the help of Odyssey Teams, we create moments that our employees carry with them for five, ten and even twenty years.”
– Jason Gray, Senior Learning Development Consultant

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Odyssey Teams Helps Comcast Employees Reconnect With Customers

“This experience completely rejuvenated how I feel about my job. I burst out in tears.”
– Comcast employee after completing a Board Meeting program.

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United Healthcare Partners With Odyssey Teams To Reinforce The Company’s Mission

“It’s incredible when you take a group of people and unleash that power and their creativity. Odyssey Teams helps us unleash that power.”
– Mike Matteo, CEO, National Accounts

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Rosendin Electric Celebrates 100 Years Of People-Focused Culture & Growth With Odyssey Teams

“Anything is achievable if we can all come together and collaborate to reach that goal. We made a huge step in that direction today, and I look forward to seeing how far we can go.”
– Rosendin employee after completing Life Cycles

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