Build a community game, build a team, and build meaningful connections that will transform the way you approach work and life.

Team Up and Build Your Community with Bag Toss

You may have played it under the name ‘cornhole’, but we simply call it ‘bag toss.’ As part of Odyssey Teams’ give back activities, Play-It-Forward™ integrates an enjoyable game that your team gets to build, play, customize, and ultimately give away. Think paying-it-forward after you’ve put your heart into building something fun.

While Play-it-Forward™ is a wildly fun team building experience, it is unlike others of its kind in that it is expertly facilitated by an Odyssey Teams’ keynote speaker. This ensures your team receives an experience that stays with them long after the program is over.

Not only does Play-it-Forward™ make a positive and long-lasting impact on your organization, but it can also make a powerful impact on deserving veteran and youth organizations in your community. Contact us to set-up a program design consultation with one of our team members.

Create a community game, assemble a team, and forge meaningful connections that will revolutionize your approach to both work and life.

Helping Hands DIY Kit

How It Works

More than a philanthropic deed and more than a team building process, Play-it-Forward™ is a radical re-examination of what work is and why we do it. The power of the team comes from purpose, not from the blind repetition of process. Play-it-Forward™ team-building re-connects team members with the purpose of their work, and unlocks the potential of awareness, kindness and collaboration in your organization.

Working in sub-groups, each group will receive an ‘order’ from the ‘customer’. What emerges are one-of-a-kind bag toss games to be donated to one or more children’s shelters, parks, schools, and non-profit organizations. What happens in between is life-changing. Team members walk away with powerful lessons to improve results, relationships and processes. And they will walk away proud of themselves, your organization and each other. They will know when they give their best, together they can, and do, change the world. 

Play-It-Forward Odyssey Teams
Play-It-Forward Odyssey Teams

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