Odyssey Teams changes lives while changing your team

Odyssey Teams invented the business of giving by integrating corporate social responsibility with corporate training to produce programs that dramatically improve organizations. In addition to the life changing results Odyssey clients experience, Odyssey Teams produces life-changing results for people worldwide.


Odyssey Teams works directly with the LN-4 Hand Project to deliver hands to those in need.

LN4 Hand Project and Odyssey Teams

There are hundreds of thousands of people in the world in need of a hand. Some lost their hand from an active landmine, others lost a hand to an accident and some are born without a hand. Through Odyssey Teams’ Build-a-Hand® program and the LN-4 Hand Project, Odyssey Teams has been able to donate over thousands of hands to people in over 85 countries.

Here are some of their stories:

Changing The Life Cycle

In October 2000, Lain Hensley and Bill John, co-founders of Odyssey Teams, invented the bike-building team building program which forever changed the industry (not to mention a whole lot of lives too). Through Odyssey’s design and delivery of the Life Cycles program, we’ve helped hundreds of teams build enough bikes for over 20,000 kids!

See one company’s transformative experience with seeing the kids faces after they receive a bicycle. Odyssey Teams works with Boys and Girls Clubs across the country to deliver bikes to deserving children.

Team Mosaic Gives Back to Schools

Through every Team Mosaic Give program, your company has the opportunity to donate DIY Team Mosaic kits to local schools or youth organizations. Each kit includes all the supplies for 36 kids to create their own beautiful mosaic. 

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