Meet the Team at Odyssey Teams

We are ordinary people with extraordinary dreams of what is possible when people learn to give their best. Headquartered in Chico, CA with offices in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Bill John President / CEO/ Co-Founder


President / CEO/ Co-Founder / Program Facilitator

Bill cooked up this Odyssey Teams many moons ago and has found a way to keep improving with every client and group with which he engages. Challenge him, trust him and then get out of the way and let him do his thing. You won’t be disappointed.

Lain Hensley, COO/Co-Founder and Head Dream Chaser


Head Dream Chaser / COO / Co-Founder / Program Facilitator

Everyone wants to be Lain Hensley’s friend and listen to his podcast You Go First. Lain is one of those rare people who sees what people often don’t see in themselves. The beautiful beginner. The sacred wonder. He’ll reveal your magic and he’ll get you to believe. He is generous, smart, and oriented to making things better.

Todd Demorest Chief Facilitation Officer


Chief Facilitation Officer / Program Facilitator 

Todd Demorest has shared his wisdom with the top brass of almost every company out there, showing them that even if life is challenging, it has a brilliance that must be celebrated. He has seen it all and talks straight about life, work, and business to some of the best.

Kim Clary, Directory of Client Success


Director of Client Success

Kim Clary’s smile and infectious laugh will be the first things to make you gravitate towards her, but it’s her ability to bring out the best in you that is her real gift. She is flat-out fun from start to finish. But her passion for giving and depth of experience is why she is our Director of Client Success.

JONAS HERZOG General Manager


General Manager / Program Facilitator

Jonas is a passionate adventurer who helps keep Odyssey Teams firing on all cylinders. He was intern in the 1990s and helped coordinate our popular ropes course team building programs. With a degree in recreation management, Jonas facilitates youth programs, oversees complex program logistics, and manages our headquarters. Jonas loves to spend time on a bike, boat or snowy mountain with friends and family.

Carol -Odyssey Teams


Office Logistics Coordinator

Carol is the glue that holds Odyssey headquarters together. Her skillful hands touch every piece of an Odyssey Teams program. She ships thousands of bicycles and prosthetic hands to companies worldwide and ensures the many (and we mean many) program parts are included to deliver a smooth and successful program. But it’s her love of people, dogged determination and incredible work ethic that make her an indispensable part of our team.

FRANK HACKNEY Program Facilitator


Program Facilitator

For the past 20 years, Frank has worked as a coach, facilitator and strategy development guru to Fortune 500 companies. In addition to presenting Odyssey Teams programs, he has facilitated graduate level group dynamics and team learning for universities. Frank, has a masters degree in organizational development and knowledge management, is driven by an intense desire to help people create extraordinary experiences for themselves and others.

Cynthia McNeil


Program Facilitator

Cynthia has been a polished Odyssey facilitator for over 20 years. Her skills, experience and wisdom inspire participants and add value to any group. Cynthia understands the power of intention and she harnesses it to re-energize and re-engage individuals. Her humor, energetic style and authentic connection fosters improved personal, leadership and organizational performance.

KRYSTAL TINGLE - Inspirational Storyteller, Facilitator, & Filmmaker


Program Facilitator

Krystal Tingle is a dynamic facilitator, storyteller, and filmmaker for the screen and on stages. She has been a presenter for large corporate meetings, including Oracle Women’s Leadership. Krystal is an award-winning filmmaker, and has created documentary films exploring themes and diverse communities. She has been a community minister for decades, sharing inspirational messages with diverse populations.

Jeremy Bates Program Facilitator


Program Facilitator

Jeremy is a self-described addict of potential and dealer of hope. He’s as real and authentic as it gets. As an engaging speaker, Jeremy blends interactive personal stories, humor and live music to communicate that no matter what your circumstance, it’s possible to Hope More, Learn More, Love More. This “Hope Dealer” has made a life of redefining possibility for thousands of participants who experience his programs.

NICK HARRIS - Program Facilitator


Program Facilitator

Nick’s impactful programs tackle workplace mental well-being. His journey from despair and addiction to a purposeful life forms the basis of organizational mental health initiatives. With extensive experience in delivering programs to diverse groups, Nick, a certified yoga instructor and musician, also hosts the Power of Positivity podcast.

Whitney Demorest, Odyssey Teams


Program Facilitator

Whitney, an assistant facilitator with Odyssey since 2007, holds a master’s degree in clinical psychology, and has taught personal growth for 25 years. She is passionate about helping people shift old thought patterns and limiting beliefs. Whitney enjoys adventures with Todd (yes, that Todd) and their two daughters, yoga and a good cup of tea.

Sara Healy Program Facilitator


Program Facilitator

As a facilitator, Sara embodies Odyssey teams mission of transforming lives for the better. With a background in psychology, she helps others examine and alter old habits and patterns to gain new insight into their own potential and impact on co-workers, friends or family members. When she’s not leading a program, you can find Sara grooving out to music or spending time at the ocean.

Katie Leach Executive Assistant to Lain Hensley


Executive Assistant

Katie’s clear communication and expert multi-tasking skills help Odyssey Teams dream chasers make their ideas come to life. As a seasoned athlete, Katie knows that a positive attitude, teamwork and dreaming big go a long way to achieve goals. In her free time, you can find her on the tennis court or hanging out with her husband and awesome children.

MICHELLE WALKER - Sales Development Representative


Sales Development Representative

Michelle is a passionate and genuine communicator with a background in public relations and social media management. She’s never met a stranger, strives to bring sunshine to a cloudy day, and authentically connects and engages with clients. In her free time, she enjoys biking to the beach with her husband and spending time with her adult children.

ROSS FIELD Visual Production Specialist


Visual Production Specialist

As a polished news and sports broadcaster with over 15 years of experience, Ross spearheads our visual and digital production efforts. His creativity, curiosity, quick wit and engaging personality put program guests at ease, allowing him to capture the energy, emotion and impact at our team building events. Always pushing himself to capture the best story, Ross produces high-quality, engaging videos for Odyssey Teams clients and media outreach efforts.



Senior Program Manager

Though Allison’s main role is working with Odyssey Teams clients to ensure smooth and successful events, she is known around the office as our Swiss Army Knife – as she does a little bit of everything. Calm and cool under pressure, Allison is up for any task or challenge that crosses her desk. She’s a whiz at graphic design and loves to travel, cook, and enjoy the great outdoors with her husband.




Leticia is not your typical number cruncher. Balance sheets are her love language and she is the perfect combination of personal and professional to keep the Odyssey Teams financial engine zipping along. Her dedication, eye for detail and easy-going attitude make her a cherished team member and key part of the Odyssey puzzle. She enjoys cooking, dancing, and spending time with her growing children and husband.



Marketing & Logistics 

You could say that Taylor has Odyssey Teams in her blood. She has participated in more programs than she can count, and manages Odyssey Teams’ marketing efforts. Taylor’s background in organizational communication enables her to see the big picture to connect client goals with program strategies. Her passion for helping others bring their A game makes her a valuable asset at our programs. Taylor is also a talented artist who enjoys biking, rock climbing and backpacking.

SHEILA MURRAY - Administrative Specialist


Administrative Specialist

Sheila easily transitions from providing administrative program support to writing Odyssey Teams marketing materials. With a background in public relations and journalism, she wields her red pen to make Odyssey Teams materials clear, concise and compelling. As a life-long marketer, Sheila’s passionate about spreading the word about Odyssey’s unique team building approach that changes minds, attitudes, workplaces, and lives.

Jamie Engel Office Logistics Assistant


Office Logistics Assistant

Whether it’s a rocky mountain or a mountain of work, there isn’t anything Jamie can’t conquer. She’s committed to improving Odyssey HQ’s efficiency and works with a positive, team-oriented attitude. She rocks it as a program assistant and is tireless in making sure tools, tiles and team building kits are bagged, boxed, shipped and delivered to U.S. and worldwide locations.

Ceanne Johnson - Odyssey Teams


HR Consultant

Ceanne’s 25 years of human resource management experience enables her to find the best players for the Odyssey Teams. After working at leading technology and computing firms, she understands the importance of hiring people who embody a company’s mission and values. For Odyssey Teams, she pursues passionate, positive, hard-working people willing to make a difference in the world. Ceanne loves to traveling with her two sons, and spend time on horseback.



Mindful Living and Leadership Trainer

Chau has been teaching people how to pause, breathe and smile for 30 years. As a former Chevron Corporation manager, she witnessed the impact of stress on work, and families, inspiring her to study and share mindful living. Chau is a sought-after teacher of mindful leadership skills for corporate, youth and retreat settings. She holds degrees in electrical and electronic engineering and lives in Northern California with her husband.

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