Meet the Team at Odyssey Teams

We are ordinary people with extraordinary dreams of what is possible when people learn to give their best. Headquartered in Chico, CA with offices in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Bill John President / CEO/ Co-Founder

President / CEO/ Co-Founder

Bill cooked up this Odyssey many moons ago and has found a way to keep improving with every client and group with which he engages. Challenge him, trust him and then get out of the way and let him do his thing. You won’t be disappointed.

Lain Hensley, COO/Co-Founder and Head Dream Chaser


 Head Dream Chaser / COO / Co-Founder

Everyone wants to be Lain Hensley’s friend and listen to his podcast You Go First. Lain is one of those rare people who sees what people often don’t see in themselves. The beautiful beginner. The sacred wonder. He’ll reveal your magic and he’ll get you to believe. He is generous, smart, and oriented to making things better.

Todd Demorest Chief Facilitation Officer

Chief Facilitation Officer

Todd Demorest has shared his wisdom with the top brass of almost every company out there, showing them that even if life is challenging, it has a brilliance that must be celebrated. He has seen it all and talks straight about life, work, and business to some of the best.

Kim Clary, Directory of Client Success

Director of Client Success

Kim Clary’s smile and infectious laugh will be the first things to make you gravitate towards her, but it’s her ability to bring out the best in you that is her real gift. She is flat-out fun from start to finish. But her passion for giving and depth of experience is why she is our Director of Client Success.

Jonas Herzog General Manager


General Manager

Jonas started as an intern with Odyssey Teams back in the 1990’s.  The road of life brought him back to us in 2016 and we couldn’t be happier!  Jonas is our jack-of-all-trades—whether he’s facilitating programs, finalizing logistics for complex programs, or keeping facilities up to date, he does it all with a huge smile and easy-going attitude.  When he’s not rocking it on Odyssey programs, you can find Jonas on a bike, a boat, or a snowy mountain with friends and family.

Carol -Odyssey Teams

Office Logistics Coordinator

Carol Jones is relational to the core. Whether she is camping with her family of five, on a bike ride with friends, or working to provide excellence for Odyssey’s clients, Carol is driven by her love for people. She juggles incoming calls, emails, shipping orders, inventory, and whatever else falls on her desk.

Frank Hackney Program Facilitator

Program Facilitator

From above the clouds of Machu Picchu to beneath the blue waters of Bora Bora, to the pyramids of Egypt and the magical Okavango Delta of Botswana, Frank stretches the limits of seeing the world with the same vigor that he stretches for the very highest levels of individual and team performance in others. Frank has worked with high-performing teams from the “super-speedway world” of NASCAR to the NASA Manned Space Flight Center – and a whole lot of companies in between. He has a MS in Organizational Development and Knowledge Management and is driven by an intense desire to see people create an extraordinary experience for themselves and for others! More on Frank Hackney

Cynthia McNeil

Program Facilitator

Cynthia knows the deal. She’s seen it all and has the ‘chops’ to create value with any group that is fortunate to have her in their midst. She has skills, perspective and wisdom to share which she has been acquiring and honing for the past 30 years. Cynthia is willing and able to have the challenging conversations, laugh robustly, and connect authentically. Front line workers to C-suite teams have all benefited from her professional, heartfelt and energetic style.

Jeremy Bates Program Facilitator

Program Facilitator

A unique blend of live, interactive music and personal stories filled with humor and humility. Jeremy is the Hope Dealer and is able to create an environment cloaked in authenticity where it is cool to HOPE more, LEARN more, LOVE more and DO more, regardless of your past.

Whitney Demorest


Program Facilitator

Whitney has been working with Odyssey since 2007 in an assistant facilitator role and more recently an outreach specialist as well. Her background consists of a Masters in clinical psychology and has worked in personal growth and transformation field for over 25 years. She loves going on adventures with her husband Todd (yes THAT Todd) and her 2 daughters, doing yoga, and savoring a good cup of tea.

Jamie Engel Office Logistics Assistant

Office Logistics Assistant

Whether it is a mountain or a mountain of work, there isn’t anything Jamie Engel can’t conquer. She’s committed to improving Odyssey HQ’s efficiency and works with a positive team-oriented attitude. She loves meeting participants at Odyssey’s programs and her co-workers. Jamie is a rock for the team and we are so lucky to have her!

Ross Field Visual Production Specialist

Visual Production Specialist

After twelve years filming and reporting sports and news for a local news station, Ross Field is a household name and face for most of Northern California. Ross is a walking comfort zone. He is a continual learner, ever-curious and has the humility to ask great questions and listen for the answers.

Sara Healy Program Facilitator

Program Facilitator

Facilitator Sarah Healy lives out Odyssey’s love of transforming others’ lives. She loves working with her fellow team members! Her background in Psychology helps her lead others to breakthrough and the other side of their fears. If she isn’t leading a program, you will probably find her grooving to a tune or spending time by the ocean.



Marketing Manager

Taylor has been involved with Odyssey for many years. She is an innovative team player with a vision for the bigger picture. An eager learner, she is harnessing her communication skills to connect Odyssey to those the team can impact most. A member of the sales and marketing teams; her smile and passion for helping people is contagious. She enjoys being creative, outdoors, and traveling.

Bobette -Odyssey Teams

Facilitation and HQ Support

Bobette started as a client and jumped into the Odyssey HQ after retiring from her first 35-year career with Tri-Counties Bank. A valued client for 15 years, Bobette knows Odyssey from both sides of the phone. She worked with us to pioneer one of the longest and most successful training programs in the history of her previous company. She was the training and development guru and basically the heart and soul of one of the fastest growing financial institutions in California. Bobette is very passionate about helping people succeed and work together as a high performing team.

Ceanne Johnson - Odyssey Teams


HR Consultant

Ceanne’s twenty years of human resources management experience in established corporate and leading-edge technology environments can benefit every level of an organization.  She has proven expertise in coaching and development of staff, designing and implementing staffing assessments and recruitment. She loves to travel, ride her horse and hike.

Cat Krawiec, Program Facilitator - Odyssey Teams


Program Facilitator

Cat’s impressive resume of training and facilitation experience is the foundation of her great energy and enthusiasm in front of any group. Cat has a Bachelors of Science in Business Administration and a Masters in Sports Administration. She knows how to build great teams from NCAA college sports to corporate giants.

Katie Leach Executive Assistant to Lain Hensley

Executive Assistant to Lain Hensley

Katie Leach uses her task oriented nature and communication skills to help dream chasers make their ideas come to life! She feels a great sense of purpose at Odyssey and loves the team spirit that has something new everyday. You can catch her outside of the office playing tennis or spending time with her husband and three awesome children.


Senior Program Manager

Though Allison’s main role is working with Odyssey’s clients to ensure smooth and successful events, she is known around the office as our Swiss Army Knife as she does a little bit of everything. She is calm and cool under pressure and is always up for any task or challenge that comes across her desk. Allison loves to travel, make delicious meals from scratch and do all things outdoors.




Leticia Velasquez is not what you might think of when you picture a typical number cruncher. She manages to hold down the financial side of Odyssey while bringing her friendly presence and fun laugh to the roll. Her discipline, thirst for knowledge, eye for details and easy-going attitude makes her a great co-worker, trusted friend and a key part of the Odyssey puzzle. When Leticia is not at work, you can find her cooking, dancing, and spending time with her growing children and husband Rafael. Balance sheets are her love language and she is the perfect combination of personal and professional to keep the Odyssey financial engine zipping along.


Mindful Living and Leadership Trainer

For the past 29 years, Chau has volunteered countless hours to teach meditation, yoga, tai chi, and other mindfulness techniques to thousands of people. She lives in Walnut Creek, California, with her husband Jim, to whom she has been married to since 1971. They have two daughters, a son-in law, a granddaughter & 2 grandsons.

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