Leadership Essentials

This is the era of flexibility and change. Leadership Essentials consists of customized sessions packed with discovery conversations and business simulations designed to bring forth the best in your leaders and those they lead. Offered virtually, hybrid or in-person, Leadership Essentials content themes include the following and is highly customized for your leaders and the current challenges they face.

  • Seeing the invisible, doing the impossible
  • Building diversity and inclusion in your team
  • Be the change, drive the change
  • The ‘Why’ behind the “What”
  • Alignment amidst the unexpected
  • Internal & external customer satisfaction
  • An honest look at trust
Leadership Essential

Leadership Essentials: Keynote Speakers & Facilitators

Leadership Essentials was designed by Odyssey’s lead facilitators with a mere 100+ years of experience. Check out the videos below to experience the style and passion of their work.

Todd Demorest: Keynote Speaker

Check out Odyssey Teams Chief Facilitation Officer, Todd Demorest! Todd’s commitment, energy, and openness is his trademark and paramount to the successful design, training, and delivery process for which he is known.

Frank Hackney: Keynote Speaker

Unique and authentically, Frank! Frank Hackney keynotes are simply one-of-a-kind for each of his Fortune 500 companies around the world.  

Bill John: Keynote Speaker

President and Founder of Odyssey Teams, Bill John, is an inspirational keynote speaker who brings more than 30 years of experience working with senior executives from the world’s biggest organizations to MBA students to cancer patients.