Playhouse Challenge™

In this fun foray of building and painting playhouses for schools and shelters, there is no time to disengage. Your teams will design it, build it, decorate it and then meet the kids who will enjoy it. Epic!

Playhouse Challenge™: More Than Team Building

The Playhouse Challenge™ simulates challenges corporate teams face every day while offering a dynamic platform to create a shared vision for the future and reshape company culture.

Working in teams of 15, each group receives an ‘order’ from the ‘customer’ and are given all the supplies and tools needed to create a physical structure. During the planning and building periods, teams must develop new ways to meet tight deadlines, work within safety regulations, resolve miscommunications, develop proper plans and execute the collective vision.

What emerges are one-of-a-kind playhouses, as well as more cohesive teams. The playhouses ‘built for the customer’ are donated to special guests from local children’s shelters, schools, or other non-profit organizations.

Over five hundred playhouses have been built and donated to shelters, schools, Boys and Girls Clubs and YMCA’s. Contact Odyssey Teams

Making A Difference Inside Your Organization

Odyssey Teams’ training philosophy is rooted in over 25 years of facilitation experience across the globe.  We give our clients something to think about, something to do, and something to feel – a tried-and-true tactic that drives learning and transformation.  The Playhouse Challenge™ targets each learning modality (audio, visual, kinesthetic) and the process enables participants to understand, retain, and implement your real organizational vision and values. The teamwork and collaboration required to complete the task ultimately lead to tangible philanthropic and business results.

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How Do We Help Your Teams Find Their Passion?

Each of Odyssey Teams’ Team Building Programs are uniquely designed to focus on different aspects of teamwork and collaboration, and each program is customized for your team. Make sure to check out all of the programs Odyssey Teams provides.

“The Playhouse Challenge™ is one of the best things we do in our new hire program.”

– Jehan Wren, Bain Capital

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Featured Playhouse Challenge™ Videos

The Story Behind the Playhouse
See the impact of the Playhouse Challenge™ on one of the youth organizations we benefit. Hampton Hotels gave life to the process, Mi Escuelita gave the playhouses a home.

Hamptonality Meets Playhouse Challenge™
See the magic unfold in this timelapse of the Playhouse Challenge™ with 200 of Hampton Hotel’s best and brightest producing 20 unique houses.

From the Playhouse Challenge™ Recipients’ Perspective
For the Playhouse Challenge™, we find worthy recipients. This is the video to introduce the opportunity you and your company are bringing to the local community. Awesome!

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