Team Building Activities In The Bay Area

Odyssey Teams, a corporate team building company, has been offering radically different approaches to team building activities in the Bay Area and beyond since 1991.

Our approach to team building always includes a give-back component. Two examples of these are our Helping Hands program and The Playhouse Challenge. Both of these not only build trust among employees but result in a give back item to someone in need.

Helping Hands Program

Helping Hands program is a trust building activity where groups of four or five build an LN-4 prosthetic hand. The challenge is that each participant has to bind one of their hands so they can’t use it anymore. Participants learn to work together for such scenarios as turning a screw, or installing the fingers. One person has to be trusted to hold the hand securely while the other person is trusted to turn the screwdriver.

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The Playhouse Challenge

The Playhouse Challenge is a give back activity for groups of ten to twelve. Your team assembles a five-foot tall four-foot wide playhouse. Before the build begins each person is assigned a task i.e. safety officer, design manager, etc. You then trust that your teammates will take their job serious enough to pass the final inspection.

The playhouses are then given to children’s organizations which would not be able to afford them otherwise. This emotional connection of philanthropy is what cements the foundation of trust in your  employees.

Team Building Activities That Go Beyond

Both of these team building activities builds trust through interpersonal relationships. The team members begin to trust one another because they are doing more than catching each other. They are taking responsibility for their actions and accepting the outcome good or bad.

It is the wrap-up by Odyssey Teams’ seasoned keynote speakers that makes these give-back activities so innovative. All of Odyssey Teams’ keynote speakers have over 20 years experience working with Fortune 500 companies and are called back year after year because of the expertise and value they add to companies.

Helping Hands and The Playhouse Challenge are just two of Odyssey Teams’ corporate team building events that stretch the limits of the imagination, break personal boundaries and bring teams together.

For more information on innovative team building activities in the Bay Area, get in touch with Odyssey Teams via phone or email.