Playhouse Challenge

Build, donate and meet your recipients in this fun, foray of building Playhouses for shelters, schools, and more

Satisfaction comes from building something from the ground up. In our Playhouse Challenge™ workshop, your team will cooperatively imagine, decorate, and construct custom playhouses in this one-of-kind team building activity. They will then be donated, in your organization’s name, to nonprofit youth programs, children’s hospitals, or low-income housing in the local community. And because the team building program is about satisfying your customers, we’ll bring representative kids and agencies to the event for our concluding ‘neighborhood stroll.’ Over five hundred Playhouses have been built and donated to shelters, schools, Boys and Girls Clubs, YMCA’s, and more from coast-to-coast.

This “concept-to-completion” team building exercise is combined with keynote addresses, experiential learning, and a mix-match of icebreakers to get your team communicating and thinking collaboratively. Discover the joy of building something real. The lessons your team takes away from this corporate give back activity are as significant as the playhouses they’ll leave behind.

Playhouses Made
Lives Affected

Playhouse Challenge Live is the award-winning, turn-key program facilitated by Odyssey Teams.
It is an Odyssey and client favorite. Nothing comes close to making an impact inside and out of your organization quite like our give back team building programs.

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Playhouse Challenge Live Program

The Process

Before The Playhouse Challenge Event: The Playhouse Challenge, like all of our team building activities, starts by identifying the specific business goals and core company values that each team building event will deliver upon. We would also want to address the individual behaviors of your team. This is done in a meeting between the organizers or any other stakeholder, and an Odyssey Teams lead facilitator.

During The Playhouse Challenge Event:

Session I – Corporate Icebreaker / Introduction: This powerful start sets a strong context for group participation, the flow of communication, and application based on the business values and individual behaviors of your team as identified prior to the give back activity. Engagement, purpose-driven work, and customer-centered thinking are a few of the underpinnings for the success of The Playhouse Challenge corporate give back activity.

Introviews™ – These are a series of icebreaker questions to get to know your team. We ask each other things, like: What was last thing you built with a hammer? What is the most important structural element of a house? Why? Are there similarities between the responses and the business? A safety briefing and instructions are presented. Then the team assigns positions: Team Lead, Safety Inspector, Procurement and Cleanup, Decorator, and Sage. Finally, a timeline is scheduled.

Session II – Start Hammering: Construction of playhouses begins.

Session III – Project End: Clean-up begins, preparations to present finished houses.

Session IV – Surprise Guests: This is the most emotionally stirring part of this team building activity. All the playhouses are finished and set up like a tiny town. Then we surprise everyone by bringing in children from agency/shelter, etc. that the playhouses will be donated to. Children and participants both take “The Neighborhood Stroll.” The teams not only get to see the children’s reactions, but they get to ask them about their opinions and feelings.

Session V – Debrief/Transference: The neighborhood stroll generates a strong emotional response. It connects the teams to what they have done, and how and WHY they have done it. The debrief starts with Sages’ report. They relate their observations of their teams related to collaboration, communication, quality, sense of purpose, on-time delivery, and more related to the main goals and values the session was designed around.

The Odyssey Team Facilitator then asks everyone to connect the team building revelations with who the team member is, what they perform in their job, and where they intend to go in life.

This is the most powerful part of the give back activity.

Session VI – Tipping Points™: Tipping Points are original quotes, lessons, and comments authored by the teams at the end of the give back activities. They are posted around the office or distributed in newsletters for the entire group over a period of time. This will give the event a longer shelf life as it reinforces the team building message of the philanthropic activity.

Session VII – Close.


I couldn’t be more pleased with the training team you assembled, the content and how the material was received by the participants. – Christine Stout, Premier Retail Network


Is there a limit to the number of Playhouses we can build? It is recommended one Playhouse set for every 12-16 team members. Each Playhouse set contains the Playhouse with front porch and two adirondack chairs.

How long does the Playhouse Challenge take? The time varies depending on the goals and values of the event. It is also dependent on how creative and detailed you want to be with the painting/decorating. Minimum, you will need two hours. If it is enveloped with good content, you will want three to four hours.

Do we need to build outdoors, or can we do this inside? The ideal venue set-up starts the session indoors to set context and give instructions. Then it’s best to build and debrief outside, weather permitting. If you are forced to choose, outdoors is the better option. However, this corporate give back activity has been conducted entirely indoors. This only happens as long as the banging hammers and painting isn’t frowned upon by other guests.

How big are the Playhouses? 56 inches long, 37 inches wide and 60 inches tall.

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Playhouse Challenge DIY Kit

The Why of Our Work

The Why

The Playhouse Challenge was inspired by our original service project ‘Habitat for Hounds'(soon to be resurrected). We just love the chaos of this program. With hammers pounding, people running around for supplies, and the insane creativity that blossoms within the last 30 minutes of the build. It is astounding to see teams all start with the same supplies, but each ends up with such unique Playhouses. Literal team building.

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