Odyssey Teams Team Mosaic

Team Mosaic™

Design a beautiful image that captures the spirit of your team, the vision of your organization and/or the theme of your meeting. This large image is then pixelated into individual 4x4 squares (tiles) and numbered. During the program, participants are randomly given multiple tiles and asked to recreate that particular image without ever seeing or knowing the overall/original image. After applying their artistic element, they bring their tiles to the stage and attach to a much larger canvas. As they attach their pieces next to others, the image begins to take form. When complete, they see the beautiful vision/image (Team Mosaic) and begin to understand how their contribution relates to their entire team. Team Mosaic 'Give' goes one step further and allows you to donate Team Mosaic kits and art supplies to local schools and youth agencies.

More than team building

Collaboration is a beautiful thing! In classic Odyssey fashion, participants are engaged in interactive conversation that drives awareness and creates an understanding of what it takes to become a more powerful leader, manage change and improve results. The Team Mosaic experience provides a culminating opportunity to produce something that is beyond what each participant can produce alone. Leaders achieve their greatest result when they learn how to bring out the best in others and appreciate the relationships between each of the parts of a team.

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