Why did you hire Odyssey Teams? Was it a snazzy ad, a convincing salesperson, or was it a friend or colleague who said, “Odyssey will help you drive purpose through your team as you work together to create something good for others, you should give them a call?”

We’re guessing that you are one of the 80+ percent of our beloved clients who were referred to Odyssey by a colleague.  We are pretty certain it wasn’t a snazzy ad because our CEO really doesn’t like to spend money on marketing.

A huge thank you to the wonderful human who referred you to us and a huge thank you to YOU for choosing Odyssey Teams.

Now, we want to do more than just say “thank you” for your referrals which is why we’ve created The Odyssey Teams Ambassador Referral Program.

What Is The Odyssey Teams Ambassador Referral Program?

The Odyssey Teams Ambassador Program is as easy as 1, 2, 3, 4:

1. Refer a colleague who then books a Team Building Programs” “live” Odyssey Teams program
2. Receive a $200 preloaded Visa card from Odyssey Teams
3. Gift your referral a $300 program discount on their live event
4: Repeat steps 1-3

FAQ: The Odyssey Teams Ambassador Referral Program

How Do I Refer Someone?

You just tell them about your experience with Odyssey Teams and send an email introduction to our Director of Client Success, Kim Clary. Here is her email: kim@odysseyteams.com

If you refer five different programs before July 31, 2019, we’ll give you extra incentives. You’ll get a full year of Ambassador pricing – 10% off any Live programs that you book and an additional 10% discount (in lieu of $300 discount) for your referrals.

Who Should I Refer To Odyssey Teams?

You should refer your friends, family, colleagues, someone you just met and pretty much anyone else because we all benefit from learning how to work together more effectively and doing good for others.

You can even refer yourself!  If you have partnered with us in the past, you can book a future program and receive the same benefits.

What If I Don’t Want $200?

If you don’t need the cash, we’ll be happy to make a donation in your name to the Ellen Meadows Prosthetic Arms Foundation.

If you have any questions about the Ambassador Program, or, if you’d like to refer someone to our live programs, just send us an email at kim@odysseyteams.com with “Ambassador” in the subject line.