How To Actually Increase Productivity At Work During Summer

June 21st marked the official beginning of the summer season, though you may have been feeling the heat for weeks now. The next few months promise some distractions from work, like kids being out of school and family vacations. However, that doesn’t mean summer can’t also be a benefit to your work life and actually help you increase productivity at work. Here are four ways summertime can enhance your time in the office and with your team. 

4 Ways To Make Summer Work For You

  1. Take Advantage of More Daylight – This means getting more done. Yes we know, there aren’t actually more hours in the day, but studies have shown that natural light increases productivity. So soak in the extra sunshine or open a window for a boost!
  2. Use Summer Stories To Connect At Work – Positivity is contagious. Share stories of fun summer adventures, they could bring a smile to a colleagues face and build relationships. Connecting with those you work with brings a renewed sense of belonging on a team.
  3. Refresh and Rejuvenate After Work – People are biologically wired to be in community with others. Summer evenings are a great opportunity to enjoy time outside of the office with your coworkers or friends and family. Believe it or not, connecting colleagues outside of work can actually make you more productive.
  4. Value The AC. In The Office – Raise your hand if you have ever been personally victimized by the office ac. Well in the hot months of summer, it actually feels refreshing as opposed to making you feel like you are in a frozen tundra. 

Connecting With The Purpose & Power Of Your Work

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