Facilitating a team building event can be a daunting task, but fortunately for you, Odyssey Teams, has some tips for facilitators that will help you lead the best team meeting possible.

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Tips For Facilitators 1: Receive Feedback

As you plan out the activities it’s important to receive feedback from the members of the team that will be included in the team building event.  As a facilitator, you don’t want the games to be considered trite or pointless by your team. Asking your team’s opinion shows you value their input.

Tip 2: Center The Activity

Center the activity and icebreakers around a theme that reinforces the goals and values of the company. Themes like giving back, community awareness, involvement and innovative problem solving are some good themes to use. Activities like Odyssey Teams Helping Hands, and the Board Meeting help to bring teams together through philanthropic give-back activities and promote social awareness.

Tip 3: Present & Practice

Present and practice the team building activity before the event. As a facilitator, you should be proficient about the rules, instructions, and applications of the games, or main activity. Having a dry run with just a few people can help foresee any complications that could arise when you are trying to facilitate an event with fifty for more participants.

Tip 4: Become Invisible

After you have clearly presented the goals and began the activity, it is time to become invisible. Ask poignant questions and let the participants engage one another. This is their team after all, and they should be the ones to form the bonds that will ultimately lead to a more motivated workplace.

Tip 5: De-Brief

De-briefing is maybe the most important of the tips for facilitators that we’ve shared. It is here where all the dots are connected for you and your employees. During this time is when the participants process their actions, feelings, and responses to the entire team building event. After you’ve presented your end goals it is time to hear from the team.

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