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Now that almost all of our employee interactions are virtual, it’s even more important to help employees make meaningful connections over Zoom or whatever online platform your company uses. Check out these virtual staff introduction ideas and if you’re looking for more advanced techniques, send us a quick email for access to Odyssey Teams’ Virtual Icebreakers.

Staff Introduction Ideas To Breakdown Communication Barriers

Staff introduction ideas cover a wide array of games, activities, and team building events. Each one is geared towards a different objective. Many team introduction ideas are designed towards new staff members getting to know each other, or getting to know current staff members, but they can also be used for staff to reintroduce themselves.

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Build Stronger Teams With Staff Introduction Ideas

A company’s staff can change over time in more than one way. Even if they have been with the company for quite awhile, an employee’s likes, dislikes, and dreams change over time. That’s why it’s a good idea to use these team introduction ideas on a regular basis (every six months) so the staff can get reacquainted with itself and new members can be introduced.

Another team introduction idea to consider is introducing senior management. It can be new employees meeting senior management, or a newly installed senior management meeting an existing company. Either way, it’s a good idea to have an introduction activity on hand.

Better employee interaction is the direct result of your staff collaborating. They are making sure to get to know one another and staying in touch with each other. This promotes a positive work place where individuals are more apt to ask for help or offer help when it’s needed.

Groups Work Harder If Everyone Knows Each Other

These team introduction events are good for the management to stay in touch with their team. This helps to break down the ‘boss wall’ that keeps so many individuals from approaching their superiors in times of need. Below you will find a list of some fun team introduction ideas:

Team Meeting Introduction Ideas

Scavenger Hunt

This staff introduction idea works within all levels of a company. It centers around information about individuals without getting too personal. Break the staff up, including senior management if available, into groups of three of four. Then hand out the scavenge sheet. The object of the game is to mark off as many of the descriptions as the group can. These descriptions can be anything like: find someone who has been to Africa, find someone who has a cat and a dog, find someone who has never been to the beach. The list is endless, but try to choose descriptions that people don’t mind sharing about themselves. Be sure to have members of the group move around the room so groups interact with one another.

Two Truths And A Lie

This is a particularly fun staff introduction idea for senior management to play when introducing themselves to their staff. A person writes down two truths and a lie. They then stand up and present this to the group. It is then the group’s job to determine which one is the lie. You can also have the presenter say why the lie was a lie.

Tell Me Something Good Kick Off

This is one of the best staff introduction ideas for new management who wants to get to know their staff better. Hand out a piece of paper to everyone in the room. Have each person write something good about another person’s profession or job performance that’s in the room. Then fold up the notes and redistribute them. As each person takes turns reading the notes, the group must try and figure out who the note is about. This does a good job of highlighting people’s abilities so a manager knows each person’s strengths.

Introducing new team members in an engaging manner helps them feel welcomed and integrated into the team. Five ways to introduce new team members are:

15 Fun Ways to introduce new team members

  1. Trivia Game: Create a trivia game about the new team members, such as their hobbies, personal preferences, and facts about them. Then ask the team members to answer the questions. It encourages interaction and sparks conversation.
  2. Two truths and a lie: Have the new team members share two true statements and one false statement about themselves. Other teammates have to guess the false statement out of the three. This promotes active listening and encourages conversation. 
  3. Human Bingo: Create a bingo card with different characteristics or experiences related to team members. Then, have team members mingle and find someone who matches each characteristic on the bingo card. 
  4. Personal object show and tell: Ask new team members to bring a personal object that has significance to them and share the story about it. This activity promotes an opportunity for personal expression and deeper connection.
  5. Team building activities: Incorporating a team building activity as part of their introduction. This could be a collaborative challenge, problem-solving or a fun physical game that requires teamwork. It enables members to build trust and know each other’s strengths and working styles.
  6. Would you rather: Get everyone involved by playing “Would You Rather.” Participants choose between two options presented as questions. For example: “Would you rather work from a beach or a cozy cabin?” It’s a lighthearted way to reveal preferences and spark conversations.
  7. Personality Test: Design a personalized personality test for new team members. It could be based on a well-known framework like Myre-Briggs or a custom quiz. Understanding each other’s personalities fosters better communication and collaboration.
  8. Picture introductions: Ask team members to share a memorable photo from their life. It could be a travel snapshot, a family gathering, or a quirky moment. Display these photos in a shared space or during team meetings. It’s a visual way to connect and learn about each other.
  9. Team mosaic: Create a digital mosaic using small headshots of team members. Arrange them to form a larger (like a puzzle). It symbolizes unity and highlights the importance of each individual in the team.
  10. Shred memories: Encourage team members to share a memorable work-related experience. It could be a project success, a funny incident, or a challenging situation they overcome. These stories create bonds and build a sense of belonging.
  11. Desk decorations: Decorate new team members’ desks with welcome banners, balloons, or small gifts. It shows thoughtfulness and makes them feel valued.
  12. Lunch or Welcome Breakfast: Host a team lunch or breakfast to celebrate the arrival of new colleagues. Food brings people together, and causal conversations flow naturally.
  13. Welcome cards: Have team members write personalized welcome cards for new hires. It’s a heartfelt gesture that shows genuine interest.
  14. Personal videos: Ask team members to create short video introductions. They can share their background, hobbies, and what excites them about joining the team. It’s a personal touch that helps everyone connect on a deeper level.
  15. Team cheers: End team meetings with a collective cheer or applause. It sets a positive tone and reinforces the sense of unity.

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