Here are some virtual staff introduction ideas to get your employees to open up, focus and be prepared to make more powerful connections during your virtual session.
So, let’s get Virtual!  Here are some icebreakers perfect to start your next virtual team meeting:

Virtual Staff Introduction Idea: Virtual Human Scavenger Hunt

A popular icebreaker which can be done virtually is the Human Scavenger Hunt. This virtual icebreaker is best played in groups of 10 or fewer, so you may want to break-up your teams into smaller groups to go on the human scavenger hunt.
As the organizer, you’ll want to create a list of 10-20 items your team members may have experienced in the past. Here are some ideas, but it’s best when you make the list as personal to your team or company as possible:
  • Who went furthest is competitive sports
  • Who has the most sets of twins in their family
  • Who has been to the most states (or countries)
  • How many different instruments can each team member play
  • How many years total team time with the company
Each virtual team or group of 10 will go through the list and award a point to the team member who ‘wins’ each item. Of course, there really are no winners or losers in this game, but it is a great way to get people to open up about their personal lives before diving into work topics.

Virtual Staff Introduction Idea: Count To 20 Virtual Icebreaker

Count to 20 is a seemingly simple yet surprisingly challenging virtual icebreaker.  It’s also one of the best ways to get a virtual team truly focused before jumping into a dynamic work decision.
The instructions are simple: ask the team to count to 20 (or however many people are on the call) with only one person saying a number at a time. People on the Zoom call will need to make eye contact and connect with all of the team members so no two people say the same number at once. No other verbal communication is necessary. Everyone just needs to open up and truly listen to the whole group.
Most likely your team won’t get to 20 on the first try so start back at 1 as many times as it takes to see improvement in listening and speaking with intention.

Virtual Staff Introduction Idea: Six Degrees

Playing off the popular game of Six Degrees of Separation, you’ll ask each person on the virtual meeting to share six things that will help the team know them better. You may want to let everyone know you’ll be playing this game prior to the call so they can have their list of six ready when the call starts.
Some examples you can give them are:
  • My spouse just got the night shift
  • I love pickleball
  • Our daughter is teething
  • This is my first job at this role
  • I’m a night owl
  • I laugh when nervous
  • I’ve lots of experience with Exce

After each team member reads their six, other team members might be inclined to chime in and comment on shared or new and diverse experiences. After a minute or two of conversation, the team leader will says ’Thank you’ and go on to the next person.

Virtual Staff Introduction Idea: Give Thanks

This is an easy but very impactful virtual staff introduction idea. Simply ask each person to share their name and two things they’re thankful for. Pro-tip: put these wonderful things – health, family, and work – off the table because those are what most people are thankful for and will use those to avoid really sharing with the group. Ask the team members to be specific and not feel shy about expressing their gratitude for something real in their own lives.
If you have icebreakers for virtual teams that you’d like to share or if you’d like more information on Odyssey Teams’ virtual team building experiences, please get in touch at