At Microsoft’s HR Global Conference in Bellevue, WA, Odyssey Teams was invited to provide the keynote and a transformative CSR team building experience. Over 1,400 Microsoft HR employees attended the valuable training event.

Bill John, keynote speaker and CEO of Odyssey Teams, kicked-off the session with a presentation designed to remind the HR reps how a very simple shift in approach can transform a business. Microsoft employees were then challenged to use this new approach in a team building experience, Helping Hands.


Over the course of about an hour, each team worked to build a prosthetic hand from scratch using thirty pieces of plastic and metal. At first, it always appears to be a nearly impossible task, but as time progresses, each team learns to adapt and figures out an innovative way to assemble the pieces to create a fully functional prosthesis.

The teams at Microsoft were challenged to collaborate, problem-solve and overcome challenging situations together in the span of a few hours. Afterwards, every HR rep was beaming with pride!

During this Odyssey Teams program alone, a total of 280 prosthetic hands were built, and each one will be donated to a person in need of a new hand.

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