Embraced by the world’s best teams and leaders, the Build-A-Hand® program continues to make virtual teambuilding more virtuous and in-person events life-changing.

60,000 prosthetic hands have been funded, built and donated to amputees in over 80 countries through the award-winning Build-A-Hand® corporate social responsibility and teambuilding event.

Client partners continue to embrace the experience virtually and many are beginning the transition to hybrid and in-person Build-a-Hand® events. You need to know about this opportunity as you look to leverage the very best experiences that can combine  corporate social responsibility, teambuilding, and leadership development.

Learn how the Build-A-Hand® business simulation connects people to each other, the work they do, the business they are in and the community they love.


“Fantastic program. This is my 3rd time and I will do it again. Brilliant facilitation in addition to building Helping Hands for the world. I invite the world to do the same. Looking much forward to the 4th time. Can’t wait.”

Petra Daiberl, Microsoft

“Doing helping hands virtually was one of the highlights of our leadership event. We absolutely loved doing this virtually. It added a bit of fun for the participants. They were able to involve their families in building the hand, which is fantastic at this point where most corporates are working remotely with family around. The participants said doing something like this with their family was transformational and very emotional. I highly, highly recommend this event for your virtual conference.”

Katie Burke, Accenture

“A wonderful team event for our group. As a relatively new team, our overarching objective was to build connections through an activity in which we would learn about our teammates while benefitting people less fortunate than ourselves. I continue to hear from meeting participants how meaningful our Helping Hands program was for them in both these regards. Thank you, Odyssey Teams!” 

– David Weinstein Sanofi-Genzyme

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