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Build-A-Hand™ Team Building Kit


The Build-a-Hand™ experience is now available as a Do-It-Yourself Build-a-Hand™ Kit you can build with your virtual or in-person team(s), family and clients. You will be building a prosthetic hand that will change the life of an amputee in a developing country. Because of people and clients like you, Build-a-Hand™  participants have assembled over 70,000 hands to be distributed globally. You are an important part of our mission!

We are committed to assisting the completion of more hands around the world. *See below for shipping details.

The success of the Build-a-Hand™ program delivered virtually is being described as “As good if not better than in person” by MANY participants and clients.

Each Build-a-Hand™ Kit Contains:

  • All parts needed to complete one prosthetic hand
  • Tools needed to build the hand
  • Blank case for prosthetic hand
  • Decorative pens
  • Instructions, Facilitators Guide, PowerPoint, and all materials needed to set you up for success
  • Return shipping label
  • *Using the return shipping label send the built hand and supplies for a quality check. Odyssey Teams will send the finished hand to the Ellen Meadows Prosthetic Hand Foundation for global distribution.

    If you have additional questions regarding your purchase or delivery, please call us at 1-800-342-1650.

    For orders within the USA shipping will be calculated at checkout (total to ship both ways). Odyssey Teams will ship products within 24-48 hours of receiving the order based on the client’s shipping selection. Odyssey Teams is not responsible for any additional expedited costs related to shipping delays beyond our control and will be incurred by the client.

    If you would like Build-a-Hand™ Kits shipped to multiple locations or are shipping internationally, please contact Carol Jones at 1-800-342-1650 for your shipping quote.



    How long is the program?

    The program will be 90 minutes to 3 hours depending on your objectives and agenda. If you are aiming to build and donate the LN-4 prosthetic hand, you will need 1.5 hours. With expert facilitation using the program as a ‘business simulation’ and sufficient time for debriefing and application into work, you will need up to 3 hours. There is plenty of flexibility depending on your agenda, the context, and desired objectives of the experience.

    What are the key lessons learned?

    • Change lives globally in a profound way
    • Experience being beginners together
    • Invest in personal connection through creativity
    • Ignite empathy and innovation

    How many people per Build-a-Hand™ Kit?

    We recommend 1 to 3 people work together to build one prosthetic hand.

    What do we do with the supplies and finished product(s) after the program?

    You will return the finished hands and supplies to Odyssey Teams using the prepaid return shipping label. The completed Build-a-Hand™ Kit will be quality-checked by Odyssey Teams and then shipped to the Ellen Meadows Prosthetic Hand Foundation for distribution around the world.

    Additional information

    Weight 2 lbs
    Dimensions 16 × 5 × 5 in


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    There are many reasons why 80% of our business is repeat or referred clients. Companies have been relying on us to power and inspire their workforce for decades.

    “Odyssey Teams left us with a common language in which our company can build upon to achieve greatness.”
    Pete Brunner, BCSI
    “Thank you very much for your help in making my meeting so successful and connecting the dots to all of my key messages in such a meaningful way.”
    Tracy Tannenbaum, Heritage Homes

    “Much to our delight, our participants had a terrific experience with the Helping Hands activity… and spent the remainder of the conference talking about it! The program that Odyssey Teams has developed is by far the most memorable, fulfilling, and moving “teambuilding” experience we have participated in.”

    Brandy L Szever, Vanguard

    “Thank you and your team for two great days of training. I couldn’t be more pleased with the training team you assembled, the content and how the material was received by the participants. You listened to our challenges and geared a program that got right to heart of some of our key management/organizational development issues. It was amazing to sit back and watch the light bulbs go on for our managers. I look forward to them taking the learnings back to the work place and applying them.”

    Christine Stout, Premier Retail Network

    “So many employees have approached to say how moved they were by by the bike build. It was such a positive lesson on working together and asking for help. The afternoon left a mark on everyone who participated in such a positive way.”

    Cindy Silva, Ariat International Inc.

    “Thank you for putting together and facilitating a fabulous collaboration exercise in Orlando. We’ve done a lot of different team-building activities and other types of exercises through the years, but this one was simply extraordinary. I have lost count of how many participants have grabbed me or emailed me to tell me how impactful it was to them on a professional and personal level. I was showing my kids last night the pictures we took on our iPhones, and they were amazed.”

    Elana McFann, United Healthcare

    “Odyssey Teams touched our team members, and our team members are taking that feeling and making positive action.”

    Gretchen Chismar, Honeywell

    “We really had an opportunity to know each other better and to have some fun together in a way that increases our commitment to work together effectively. But the biggest payoff of all was the combined feeling of having accomplished something with such an impact to people around the world.”

    Jean E. Deering, Wells Fargo

    “Odyssey Teams touched 970 people who are at an impressionable point in their lives. I’m confident that the wisdom and emotion Odyssey shared will positively impact their entire careers.”

    Jenna Ballestrino, Microsoft Academy for College Hires (MACH)

    “Our team unanimously voted the 3 hours with Odyssey Teams was the most beneficial part of our entire meeting.”

    Julie C., BCD Meeting & Incentives

    “The Helping Hands event structure + the personal connection to the prosthetic hands have left a lasting impression on our team. Many people still reference the event 90 days later.”

    Megan A. Westman, GE Lighting

    “The mosaic exercise is one of my favorite things I’ve ever done in Corporate America! What a beautiful outcome from such a simple but effective exercise.”

    Jen Matlock, AbbVie

    “Mission accomplished! The Odyssey Teams session exceeded every expectation I had. It created a unity with our teams and connected people in meaningful and thought-provoking inner-soul searching ways.”

    Michelle Stokes, Merck

    “Odyssey Teams wowed everyone. Feedback from executives to new team members has been phenomenal and the lessons learned will be lasting.”

    Ralph S. Henderson, AMN Healthcare

    “We found that working together for a worthwhile cause gave us perspective on new ways to use our talents to use for the good of others while learning important lessons about our own capabilities. Thank you, Odyssey Teams.”

    Tim Somers, Pernod Ricard USA

    “In my opinion, Odyssey Teams’ keynote and facilitation set the foundation and tone for an impactful two-day, staff retreat—I’m not sure we would have gotten to that level without Odyssey Teams kicking it off!”

    Megan Moser, University of Pennsylvania

    “Odyssey Teams provided the perfect foundation and jumping-off point for what our meeting was designed to accomplish. Helping Hands became the metaphor for how our team aspires to work together.”

    Julie Person, Shire

    “We’ve sung Odyssey Teams’ praises to everyone we know. Odyssey Teams has the unique ability to impact a group at the core with the right amount of humor.”

    My-An Le, Kaiser Permanente Great Los Angeles

    “Since the program, I have caught myself being myself and working on being a better person, husband, father, co-worker and friend. Perspective is everything…”

    Dan Link, SDCDA

    “Having experienced team building events all over the world, I must admit that nothing will top the experience we had with Odyssey Teams. Building unity, teamwork, collaboration – seeing real people, extending beyond themselves to help others, has been priceless.”

    Kristen Muckleroy, Fiberlink Communications
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