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At Odyssey Teams, we connect teams to the purpose and power of their work through the emotional connection that comes through giving back. Connecting and giving back can happen in powerful ways with teams that are present together and teams that are working remotely across continents. We create, test and refine our team building experiences by collaborating with our clients so your needs stay at the forefront.

If you’d like a complimentary consultation to see which program would benefit your team, please contact us to set-up your meeting with our Director of Client Success, Kim Clary.

Not Your Typical Team Building Programs…

Each of Odyssey Teams’ philanthropic team building programs is highly impactful, fun and  designed to meet specific goals outlined by your executive team and our highly-skilled keynote speakers. Each program also has a tremendous impact on remote teams.

During the COVID-19 outbreak, remote teams need even more support and training to have the best possible impact on your company and the world. By collaborating with a few of our culture-focused clients, we’ve developed three virtual experiences – Virtual Build-a-Hand (Helping Hands),  Virtual Team Mosaic and TeamTime Odyssey – which all have profound impacts on remote workforces. Check out our programs below.

Odyssey Teams’ Team Building & Leadership Development Programs

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