When do you give your best? It is a question we’ve been asking leaders and teams all over the world since 1991. More than 200,000 participants have found their answers through the exploration of powerful metaphors, simulations and deliberate conversations about business and life. They have built and donated over 15,000 bicycles in ‘Life Cycles’ - the original build-a-bike program; 16,000 prosthetic hands in the ‘Helping Hands’/Build-a-Hand program; and hundreds of Playhouses in the ‘Playhouse Challenge’. These and other enriching programs and products have reached more than 70 countries. As you explore with us, you will find all things authentic and original. Nothing canned. No stock photography or claims we haven’t delivered. We’ve been fiercely committed to giving our best so you can give yours. Explore with us.

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For nearly two decades, Odyssey has trained the top executives and employees at some of the world’s largest organizations.

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  • Proud to be at the Mall


    Updates from your favorite Leadership, CSR, Teambuilding company that offers Life Cycles (Build-a-Bike), Helping Hands (Build-a-Hand), Playhouse Challenge, and so much more. Typical road/air warrior mode – arrive at the hotel in the darkness of 8pm. Upon check-in, ask for the location of the workout room (mentally prepared to get on a machine to make […]

  • Facing My Worst Fear


    It is said that more people are afraid of public speaking than dying. Probably because you only die once. But public speaking is something you must face any time you are in public. More accurately, it is not the “public” that drives you nuts, it is the private time you spend with your little voice […]

  • Rejuvenation


    Updates from your favorite Leadership, CSR, Teambuilding company that offers Life Cycles (Build-a-Bike), Helping Hands (Build-a-Hand), Playhouse Challenge and so much more. I read in a recent study that the average employee at a USA based firm leaves 5.5 unused vacation and/or PTO days per year. Not me. I was able to get a holiday […]

  • Bikes, Tires, and Metaphors


    Life Cycles, the original bike building build-a-bike program, allows participants to create something valuable and pass it on to the end user. As they build a bike and pass it along to a child, the result is a firsthand experience of the value of collaboration, customer-centricity, and teamwork. Metaphors like these are rich and relevant […]


Give Your Best

Develop your leaders and teams while giving back to the community.

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  • We were looking for something that would bring our organizational values to life in a meaningful, memorable and relevant way.  The impact on our team was profound.” Thank you for the opportunity!

    Helen Landry

    GE Healthcare
  • We had a great team building opportunity with the Helping Hands project last night. We're very proud to be a part of this great cause, and just want you to know that we appreciate your initiative in creating the opportunity to help others in need while we grow closer as a team. My team loved it!

    Tim Somers

  • Thanks for everything, it was a FABULOUS program and all of our feedback has been extremely positive.

    Mary Cay McLaughlin

    NPS Pharmaceuticals
  • The Build a Hand workshop project gave our team a special opportunity to achieve beyond our self-expectations. We found that working together for such a worthwhile cause gave us perspective on new ways to put our collective and individual talents to use for the good of others while learning important lessons about our own capabilities.  Building hands was a challenging (and at first daunting)yet rewarding task, and a teambuilding activity that we will never forget! Thanks to Odyssey Teams for helping us make a difference!

    Tim Somers

    Pernod Ricard
  • I’d like to thank Lain for the inspirational Life Cycles workshop he hosted for Ingersoll Rand in Davidson last Friday.  I feel personally and professionally enriched by the experience.  It has already helped me to think and act differently and I’ve witnessed its positive effects on my colleagues also.  I have a feeling that it has made a lasting impression on us all.   If you could ever make use of a volunteer in Ireland, let me know.

    Aoibhe Cantwell

    Ingersoll Rand
  • Thanks again for bringing to life the meaning of ONE for our organization.  Mission accomplished! The session exceeded every expectation I had creating a unity with our teams and connecting people in meaningful and thought provoking inner soul searching ways.

    Michelle Stokes

    Merck & Co., Inc.
  • My sincere thanks to you for "pushing" on the design for the session.  Your approach made the event "extraordinary".  At the opening of the session Tuesday morning, one of our executives said, "when I saw the 90 second video, my heart went into my throat".  People were still approaching me on Tuesday night talking about the impact that the activity had on them personally.

    Patty Sauro

  • I can’t thank you enough for the fantastic job you did for us.  It was enlightening, thought-provoking, and just plain fun.  And because it went straight to the heart, it bypassed the yamma yamma in our minds that keeps us stuck in the old way.  Our customers deserve our best just like the kids do…it’s a new frame of reference for a fresh look at how we do business.  Please pass along my gratitude to your team. I was somewhat skeptical that so much could be done in so little time, but you ran a clockwork operation that was as impressive as it was successful. I hope your back has improved, and that we will have a few more touch points as our lives circle around again.

    Courtney Behm

  • Thank you for a wonderful session. It was a tough slot...after lunch, people not knowing what to expect from a “another team building” and being together for the first time. EVERYONE’S expectations were exceeded.   The kids were on everyone’s mind during our dinner and the  next day.  They were a dose of what’s real and important for many of our teams and creating a feeling that we can do anything together…Thank you.

    Margery Schelling

  • Thanks again for your participation in our IT leadership conference today. Your execution and the related content was clearly a positive enabler for the challenge we have before us and the anecdotal feedback since the session would clearly back that up. 

    Mike Meadows


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