Flying through clouds.

When I learned to fly an airplane there were two licenses I knew I had to acquire, VFR and IFR. VFR means you are free … Read the rest

Life is an Odyssey.

Today I delivered our Life Cycles program to a really great client. The CEO of their business, Barry, is perhaps the best leader I’ve seen … Read the rest

Emotion is the key when you build a bike during Odyssey’s Life Cycles program

What do bikes have to do with real business? Why build bikes for children? Why the big surprise? These are some of the common questions … Read the rest

Bike building for children is a good metaphor for teamwork, teambuilding.

Our Life Cycles – bike building program for increased teamwork is a huge hit with all of our clients. During this program participants build a … Read the rest

Building bikes for kids, building teamwork and your serotonin

Build a bike lately? Maybe you have. Christmas and the holidays were just a few weeks back. Kids love bikes. Giving bikes for kids is … Read the rest

Can building bikes for children bring your sales force to new levels of teamwork? New levels of sales?

I’ve got to admit that I am biased here being one of the co-inventors of  Life Cycles – the original build a bike teambuilding event. … Read the rest

Life Cycles – The original teambuilding experience where every five participants build a bike for a child

Building bikes teambuilding is also called [Life Cycles (TM)] and is a trademarked process of combining philanthropy and team skill development. Invented and delivered by … Read the rest

No Really.

Earlier in my career I spent 5 years consulting with one of the fastest most successful credit card companies in our country. Growth was staggering. … Read the rest

Pop your ears lately?

We lived down on the beach – sea level. The closest town (Waimea – of Parker Ranch fame) was a 15-20 minute drive up the … Read the rest

People leave managers, not companies

What makes the workplace “safe?” I’m talking about emotional–not physical–safety here. Think back to your high school days. Can you remember a time when the … Read the rest